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Today I want to tell you my story,
I dont want your pity,
I want to tell of how many women are suffering out there in silence,
Shed not a tear for me when you hear this,
But you may cry if you wish to,
Here is my tale,I call it
The tale of a robbed virgin.

When I was growing up,
I was but a little girl with big dreams,
Though I lacked in material wealth,
I was rich in my dreams and I wanted to fulfill that dream,
My mom always told me this,
"My daughter,if you believe it,then you will make it."
And I believed it in my heart.

I had dreams of a beautiful home,with a lovely family,
And this made me work hard in my studies.
As years went by,though my dreams did not change,
My body underwent changes,
From being a timid little girl,
I grew to become a beautiful and lovely lady.

I was told by many people that I was beautiful,
And I was flattered to hear that,
I noticed that men would ogle at me,
Young boys would whistle whenever I passed,
But my beauty that I become proud of,
Would become my curse one day.

I remember that night perfectly,
The moon and the stars were shining brightly,
The air was very peaceful and still,
I was from the shops going home,
But this perfect night would turn out to be my day of agony.

On that lonely path that I was following,
Out of nowhere a hand grabbed me from behind,
Before I knew it,I was on the ground,
In front of me stood three men,
I can still see that snare on their face,
I tried to scream but my voice deserted me that night,
That night I was robbed of my pride and dignity,
And the only witnesses were the moon and stars.

Let me go forward one month later,
Due to shame,I did not tell anyone,
But no secret remains hidden,
I become pregnant and I did not know even the father,
AIDS was also given to me to be my lifetime companion,
I was judged by the society for playing a harlot.

I spent a long time crying,
Tears became my food till I run out of tears,
But they could not change anything,
They were the tears of a robbed virgin,
My story is not unique,
Girls are suffering in silence,
We should stand up because our girls are being robbed of their dignity.
I pray that my tears would be the last tears shed by a robbed virgin.

That is my story,
As I told you before,
Pity me not but help me stop this,
Will you help me dry the tears of these robbed virgins,
And prevent others from shedding these painful tears.


  • Jun 05, 2020

  • Jun 05, 2020

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