Imagine Corbyn Besson (part 10): Read Count : 17

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After everyone left except for Ari your bestfriend. You and her watched movies in your room, and then fell asleep. The boys were still up and thought that Corbyn was in his room, but he came into your room and thought that your bestfriend was you. Ari woke up and yelled at Corbyn to "get out". But he did not listen and smacked Ari and she fell and you tried to wake her up she, she did not wake up. That's when the boys realized that you were screaming. The boys ran up to your room and saw that you yelling at Corbyn and you told Jonah to call the ambulance for his girlfriend. And the police took Corbyn to the station. The ambulance took Ari Jonah's girlfriend away. 

When Ari was in the ambulance she woke up and saw Jonah holding her hand and crying. And she asked Jonah " w..where are we going."  Jonah looks up at Ari and says we are "going to the hospital ".  Once Ari made it to the hospital, they take her in and takes some tests and found out that she is 3 weeks pregnant.  The doctor go look for Jonah and show him the test and tell him that Ari is "3 weeks pregnant".  Jonah then goes into Ari's room and said the doctor just told me that you  are "3 weeks pregnant".  Ari looks at Jonah smiles and says "we are going to be a family". 


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