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The wind seemed not to touch her cold heart
The warm breeze melted it down
When love becomes both science and art
Held your head up with that crown
He spoke, and then she tried to listen
She heard what he said, but it's a different thing
Both hearts are crushed, break even
She was once the queen, and he's her king
Midnight thoughts filled with his memories
A single tear dropped down on her face
'Twas summer, yet she's cold, freeze
Longing for his warm embrace
He isn't her lover nor just a friend
She thinks about that day when all shall end
Wishing him back, time goes by
He left her saying nothing but 'Hi'
It's supposed to be a greeting, not a farewell
Until now she's hoping that he's well
An apple cider was poured on her system
Life is like just eating an ice cream
Stop, and you'll miss a chance
Go on and you'll savor the moment while lasts
She's hungry, he should be cooking
But he let her eat those remains
He lives on far away, and she's been waiting
The relics of fate appeared once it was her dreams
If only she could cry enough
But it drains her eyes with tears
She laughed
And he knew about those fears
He's not her lover nor just a friend
She was his first love, and he was her best friend



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