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It's an anime about an anime/manga club that have crazy professional jobs and they go to a college that is for fun, also each one of the members met Angel the alien.


The imagination club: two boys that are twins that have five imaginary friends that obsessed over magical anime.

Charlie and Darl the twins

Imaginary friends: Todd, Penn, and Erik.

The goth club: a group of both boys and girls that are obsessed over anime that have cute boys in a group as main character and working Ad's for companies.

Sam the leader

Lucy the shipper

Lily the writer

Teddy the the costume writer

The glasses club: people with glasses that are into sports anime

Violette apart of an idol group

Cheese the executive producer

Matthew the volleyball player

El (boy)the soccer player

Becky the swimmer

Sandra the teacher

The Vampire club:a group of people that look cute

A blond girl who has long hair into two ponytails, wearing a pink dress, and white heels , and says "I'm Summer".

Another girl comes with two other girls all over them have colorful outfits.

The next girl has a rainbow dress and heels to match, and says "I'm Autumn".

The fourth girl has a yellow dress and yellow heels, and says "Raine".

The five and last girl who has purple dress and says "I'm Didi, welcome".

The mermaid club: they eat a lot, writing on a whiteboard, and part of Hallie's anime.

Erica the voice actor

Taylor the voice actor

Cake the voice actor

Dolly the voice actor

The yaoi/ shounen AI club: three boys and three girls that like BL anime and manga and work at a Yaoi magazine

Jack the positive

Maka the screamer

Larry the silent one

Parker the agreeable one

Cloud 9 the visualist

Edward the negative

Mai the lover

The music club

Sadie the guitarist

Penny the vocalist

Sierra the drummer

Perry the other guitarist

The dance club

Greg the police man

Megan the architect

Nida, part of Tom's magazine

Tom the boss of a magazine

Adam the assistant of Tom's magazine

The scary club

Michael the newsman

Evan the journalists

Sally the hair stylist

Aiti the assistant chef

Chez the main chef

Jay the ballet teacher

The new group: a group of delinquents that are into action, shounen, and music anime

Justin the history teacher

Flower the foreign teacher

Star the movie actor

Hallie the creator of an anime

Cassandra the idol manager

Howard the vet

The shojo ai: part of an idol group





Harem club:

Windra the lawyer

Casper the artist

Umeji the voice actor

Al the actor

Q the business manager

Belle the manga

The space club:

Spike the scientist

Kenny the fashion designer

Tito the spiritual guide

Queen the psychologist

Victor the coach for sports

Magical being

Angel spread her arms showing big white wings, two antennas appear from her head, with pink goggles on her face with wings 


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