The Phonix Love Of Yours Read Count : 11

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At the moment of my death in your eyes I saw a true happiness,
When the sword came near my chest
That end in depthness.

I always needed a love that can heal 
My wound,
And that moment you were the only one that
I can found.

I always rejected by the world 
And didn't aware what is love?,
Until you put your warm feet in my world.

Your true colour was beyond my thought,
I know I was really naive to learn that you are 
A big criminal and a fraud.

I always trusted you with all my secrets,
About my love toward you was serious.

You only took advantage of me just for a Revenge
That doesn't even yours,
You put me many times in danger
Taking the excuse of love and thrown me
By force.

At last you took your Revenge 
With the sword,
That's why I name this story of mine
The phonix love of yours.

________ Riya Singh


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