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(The opening shows a portal appearing in the sky, and out of the portal is Kimi, Charlie, Little tiger, Lady J, Penelope, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Suzi, Usagi, and Rey. The screen switches to Xia looking at a boy who has rags on, holding a cake, while a bunch of people step on his feet, her face looks gloomy; Rika is in front of the camera and takes a picture.  Amelia by a knight who has short blue hair, side by side, he had her and she blushes. Rey is making cake with an angel behind her. Lady J is holding two swords with a bunch of knights behind her. Charlie kisses Kimi's hand, looking like a prince and Kimi looks shocked. Penelope, Suzi, and Usagi were pointing at everything they saw looking excited. Little tiger is reading in Merlin's tower. Kimi is in the graveyard with Merlin, bats fly past the screen. Then, the screen shows Kimi in the dungeon looking lifeless in her eyes. Dracula is laughing evilly in the background. The screen shows Rey, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Little tiger, Lady J, The knights, Penelope, Suzi, Charlie, and Usagi standing in front of Dracula's castle, ready for battle. The opening ends with Kimi smiles at the screen) (The episode opens with Kimi and Charlie heading to the town, but then gets stopped by a person in a cloak) A person (looking at Charlie): You are not needed. (The sound of a fire past) (The screen shows Kimi gone) (The person reveals his purple hat, white skin, wearing a long purple cloak, and holding a staff a.k.a. Merlin) (Charlie gasped, then walks to Merlin, takes Merlin's staff) Charlie (with red eyes) (points to the staff that has magic coming out of it): Where is Kimi! Merlin: In the lion's den Charlie (summons lightning): Be more specific. Merlin: With Dracula Charlie: (blinks) Why would you try to send me there or use me as bait to get her there. Merlin: Because This is the new prophecy (The screen zooms out, shows a cloud of smoke, and their a sound of explosion) (Charlie walks away, and Merlin is lying dead on the ground) Merlin: You won't be able to get into Dracula's castle easily Little tiger (not shown on the screen): He'll be fine. (Charlie turns around to see Little tiger and Selina) (The screen switches to Kimi on the floor, then blinks and gets up) (Kimi sees Usagi, Penelope, and Suzi standing still and runs to them) Kimi (waves at Usagi, Penelope, and Suzi): What happened? Hello A male deep voice: They won't respond  (Kimi turns to Dracula) (Usagi, Penelope, and Kima get on their knees) Usagi (in a trance): Thank you, Lord Dracula for gracing us with your presence  Kimi: Lord Dracula Dracula: Yes, i'm king of vampires, Lord Dracula (Kimi backs up) Dracula: What's wrong? Kimi: I'm just being cautious. Dracula (walking closer): Why would you need to be cautious? After all, you already know what our future is supposed to be like. (Kimi jumps into the sky and is floating in the air) Kimi: Okay, let me be 100% honest I don't trust you and besides our future has been changed. (Dracula smiles sinisterly) Dracula: That is true. But, let me tell you why you can trust me (snaps his fingers) (Kimi feels a weird a tingle down her spine, stops floating, and falls to the floor. Her arms get chained along with her legs) Dracula: Sorry, but I must ruin Merlin's plan. Kimi: Plan? Dracula (puts one finger on his mouth): He didn't tell you. (Kimi blinks, while looking confusing) Dracula: Interesting, that means this is completely unnecessary. Kimi: So, you will let me go? Dracula: Unfortunately no. Kimi: Why? Dracula: Because you are cute. (Kimi didn't respond) (Dracula walks away and Usagi, Penelope, and Kima follows behind him) (The screen shows Lady J with the knights) Lady J (looking at Sir Lance): Excuse me, could you help us? Sir Moon: You're the woman in that bar. Lady J: I am. Sir Sun (throws the map to Lady J): Here. Lady J: Thank you. Sir Lance: Wait, why do you need that? Pepper (coldly): I don't see how that is your concern. (The screen shows Pepper and Lady J walks away) (The screen switches to Little tiger looking at scrolls) Little tiger: Merlin is definitely not the wizard I thought he would be. Selina: What did your timeline picture him as? Little tiger: A wise wizard who has ancient logic locked inside him, and he is over a hundred years old and his battle with Morgana. (Lightning flashes) Selina: Yeah, here Morgana is a form of summoning a curse, it's not a person or a supernatural being. Little tiger: Well, that's a big smack in the face. (Little tiger's eyes widened, then a green light flashes) Little Tiger: Dark magic turns to light, the symbol of the sun appears, and the person who reads this incantation is protected (her eyes glow green)  (Little tiger flies into the air, grows light bat wings, and spreads a golden aura around Amelia's swords) (Amelia looks at the two swords that is glowing) (The episode ends with Amelia slices and the screen goes black)


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