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The days too eventually fell silent,
No sounds, not even by the crows,
All you could hear was the sound of,
Fear knocking on the doors,

Live the moment with a smile, 
Surpass the fear with faith and hope,
Don't move out or try to elope, 

Stay calm and patient, 
Is what they say, 
Stepping out is not heroic, 
Staying at home will save your day,  

Time to learn from others mistake, 
Time to save the world, 
Stay isolated and quarantined
And keep your word. 

If you don't do this, 
Trust me you are a fool, 
Stay indoor with your family, 
That will make you cool. 

Everybody wants to be safe, 
But nobody wants to save, 
Its time that humanity
Should be saved. 

2 months is what we need, 
Some people make fun and do not pay heed, 

You shall be responsible for the horror, 
You shall be responsible for your own fate, 
But its not you alone who will hug the death, 
You will take thousands with you by putting their life  at stake. 


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