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I looked at everyone with my eyes, 
But at you, dear, I looked with all my heart. 
 You were the first and you are the last one,
 I like it very much. 

 I know that if you called me now,
 I would respond quickly, 
Even if it's been a long time
 Since the last message sent on whats'app. 

 Where did you go?  
I've been looking for you for years,
 My eyes are an ocean of blue tears
 Swimming in the solitude.

  You are not for me, 
As I am for you, 
But my heart is still looking for you.

  I wrote words for you
 That I wanted to sing to you at sunrise, 
Both of us being hugged tightly.

  I looked at you with love from the beginning,
 When I didn't know you well,
 I loved you since then 
And I love you even more now.


  • May 23, 2020

  • May 23, 2020

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