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We were getting ready for the party I shoved on denim shorts white T-shirt white convers and put my hair in pony I mean it’s only a house party after all Chloe comes swinging in short red dress boobs hanging out hair all curly and down make up on “hay why are you not ready Carmel really make an effort” I give her the finger “I am ready I am not getting dolled up to sit at a house all night no way so are you ready let’s go before I change my mind” I grunt she leads the way over to mikes house the music was loud a lot of ppl were hear dancing and drinking Chloe grabs a drink from the counter I grab a water she gives me the eyebrow I point to my head to say it hurt and make my way to the back door I need fresh air already I sit on the back step and look at the sky why do I agree to come here I hate this house and everyone that comes I hear a noise at the bushes “hello is anyone there” I say but no answer must be a cat but moments later I see a shadow walk towards me “hello I’m Dean I just moved in next door I seen you sitting here thought I would pop buy say hello” he sits next to me he was stunning tall with brown flicked hair all in black with deep blue eyes he was beautiful I reach out my hand “hi I’m Carmel nice to meet you I stay across the road this isn’t my house it’s my sisters boyfriends” I just had to say that last part he smiles “well hi I hope you don’t mind me sitting here with you” he looks right at me I shake my head “no not at all glad to have some company I just can’t be in that house I need some space” I grown he looks up to the sky “beautiful night tonight” I nod and look up until I hear the loud bang of the door “well then Carmel glad you came tonight who is this dude” Mike stood no top on “Mike this is your new neighbourhood Dean” I say to quick “why don’t you come inside Carmel” he grunts I stand up anger bubbling inside “Mick fuck off your drunk why don’t you go inside leave us alone” he looks at me eye wide “I was hoping to see you tonight why be nasty doll” he takes a step closer “are you joking Mike you are dating my sister not me go find her and annoy her I can’t be dealing with your crap now”I take a step up Mike growls at Dean and jumps at him Dean punches him and Mike rams into me I fall and hit my head on the step the pain and darkness take hold and I’m out. 


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    Jun 12, 2020

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