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It was a hot summer day my mum Rose who is a lawyer was at work my twin sister Jade was across the street at her boyfriend Magic Mike I call him yeah you can guess he thinks he is hot always takes his clothes off to show his body always has a party at his house as his parents work a lot and never home specially weekends I was sitting out my back next to the pool waiting on my friends Chloe who lives 2 doors down from me I lay down on the chair “hay chick I’m here let’s have some fun” she giggles loudly I put my sunglasses down as she strolls over to the pool and sits dipping her feet in Chloe is a girl who does what she wants when she wants and says what she is thinking as she is thinking it she has no filter that girl she is a bit taller than me she is tanned and more like a size 0  long blonde hair far to skinny I say and she always flaunts what she has me I’m more a size 10 long brown hair white as a ghost and short but I don’t care what ppl think of me but I do whatch what I say well half the time I do lol and my twin sister you would think she was more Chloe twin than mine as a lot of ppl do think that a lot of the time they like heels and short skirts tank tops make up I’m more shorts T-shirt n converse trainers lol “so Magic Mike is having a party tonight I thought we would go over since nothing else to do I’m so bored” she winks at me and it’s true it is so boring here I give her the thumbs up and she jumps into the pool splashing water everywhere I give her the middle finger. 


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