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It's another kind of loneliness
That I taste every night.
It's about the dream
That I never live enough.

In my dream you are like a shadow,
Just an image,
To which I usually share my dramas
And you trust my words. 

It is a different kind of love that my heart feels.
You're the kind of love I've never felt twice.
  It's another kind of connection between us,
My mind was stuck at your unforgettable words.

And all I remember now is your beautiful smile. 
I am a different person now
Than the one you met before,
And maybe today you are different
From how you were yesterday.

It's a different kind of loneliness
That doesn't let me sleep. 
The thought that the dream
May be more painful than the original scars. 


  • May 23, 2020

  • May 23, 2020

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