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I need a second to breathe.  
Give me a second to breathe.  
Just a second to breathe.
...Yeah! To breathe.  

I'm too tired to keep hearing meaningless words,
 So imperfect! Oh, I can't fit in their world. 

 My heart controls every beat, 
While my ears burn, 
I already know the answer, 
But I want to be able to love again.  

I just want a second,
 Just a second before my parents will start
 All the accusations against me, 
Oh, my poor heart!

 As a child, I did my best to please them, 
But now it's time to live for myself too. 
Tears flow down my soul, 
I know they can't understand, 
My happiness will disappoint them.

  I feel judged because the rules never change,
 Even though I smile in front of them, 
My heart is already broken in two pieces.  

My confessions will take them away 
They may not love me for who I really am.
Like the others, 
They will move on and I will be left alone.


  • May 23, 2020

  • May 23, 2020

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