Look At You Did To Me Read Count : 31

Category : Poems

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I don’t like your fire on me 
it’s stab behind my back 
you hurt me really bad. 
I had a painful scar 
he rose his voice tone right at me 
I never knew it’s going to be happen, 
everything came crashing down 
I confess it’s was my fault. 
why you had to be hard on me? 
can he control his feelings? 
would they find a way resolve this? 
I don’t like when you about to talk 
then you stop 
I knew I made you upset. 
doesn’t mean you could 
go to her talk about it 
it’s stab me very hard, 
cut through my heart 
you had hurt me deeply
I had painful scar. 
How could you do this to me? 
why they boil anger at me? 
wouldn’t they knew their feelings affected me? 


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