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(The opening shows a boy who has short brown fuzzy hair, brown eyes, brown eyebrows, wearing clear pink cat ears, brown glasses, pink cat whiskers, brown vest, brown shirt, necklace with three beads, brown pants, and brown shoes, Firedog - a dalmatian with a firefighter hat, half ripped neck, 

Spongebob stuff toy, 

G.G.: Cat stuff animal,

Slushy - a husky dog stuff animal. 

Sakura -a Sakura figurine with the outfit from Cardcaptor Sakura clear card, and Camila - a girl who has big blue fuzzy hair, glasses, wearing a brown jacket, orange/brown shirt sith a star on the shirt, brown shorts, and brown shoes sitting on a bed.

The opening starts with a piano playing.

The opening switches to Jackson flying in an airplane in the bedroom, Camila is opening the bedroom door,  

G.G. is rolling around the bed, 

Firedog looking out the window, 

Sakura spins around her scepter, and Spongebob is looking at TV.

Yuna has long dark purple hair, wearing a red shirt, blue skirt taking a picture of her with her dolls.

Hope: a girl who has long blue hair, wearing a red cloak and red hat coming through  the window on a flying broomstick.

Yuna is blushing, while looking at J7: a boy who has short blue hair, wearing a white lab coat, red shirt, blue jeans, and shoes.

Hope is flying on a broomstick with her hands that has purple aura and blasts a skeleton dragon.

The main characters are skating on the ice.

Yuna is riding with Hope on the flying broomstick.

Camila is singing at kaoroke

Jackson is on the dancing floor

Firedog is running through the fields

G.G. is running 

Spongebob is laughing with a smile 

J7 having Yuna's head on his lap

Yuna is spinning Hope with a smile

Opening ends with Hope flying out the house, then a picture shows Yuna, Hope, Spongebob, Sakura, G.G, Firedog, Jackson, and Camila in front of the house. Yuna is kissing Hope on the cheek)


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