Top 10 BEST Things To Do In Quarantine! Read Count : 19

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10. Write Books!

Well Of course, You could Make books and Even Make Books on Paper! I don't really have Paper to Write on so I Usually make my Books on Here- Y e p

9. Board Games!

This is Very simple! but playing Board games could really help you Get to know people your stuck in your house with- I can't really do that with my Bady sister- But ya could! I hope You win since I already lose! A good game of Truth or Dare will help you not go insane!

8. Read, Art, Or Apps!

Yes Yes! lots of activities you can do while in Quarantine! I just use my Phone since I'm Lazy As hell, But you could read...Make art..or just use your phone and play apps for life XD

7. Study!

Yes... Studying. I mean what's so wrong with studying? I mean yeah we all hate school...But we could Get more Knowledge For studying in Quarantine! it's a Option..a very GOOD one...

6. Play in your backyard!

I mean, I do this Every Weekend! Just wear a mask and Play all day! Honestly If you want to Go to the pool but can't, GO BUY ONE XD I do this! You ya should totally try it!

5. Online Games

What's not better then a online game with Random people? I play Roblox and more online Games and I get ENTERTAINMENT easy, so why not go get some Words with friend's? XD

4. YouTube

I do this all day! Seeing fun stuff on YouTube! Or TikToc! Anything Specific that shows Videos I L O V E it's also cool to see people Dude funny stuff while In Quarantine!

3. Facebook, Instagram, Etc.

What's not better then seeing what people are doing on there day? I mean I don't do it but my mom dose...she So into it she don't even feed me... :')

2. Computer Games

I love the Sims... Minecraft...Roblox even on this Computer! I uselly Play the Sims and stuff but it SO MUCH FUN! To play on a computer for a while


DUDE ARE YOU NEVER TIRED?! WELL BECAUSE IN THIS LOCKDOWN I SLEEP EVEE FREAKING 8 HOURS! like dude Just sleep, hibernate, What's it gonna do? Kill you? No lol........Heh..

A/N: These are in no specific order, I just put stuff that my family dose and it helps us Very much get through Covid-19, Remember wash your hands, Wear masks, and stay safe :)


  • May 22, 2020

  • do u play granny multiplayer game??

    May 22, 2020

  • May 22, 2020

  • Lol, I dont sleep cause I have insomnia owo

    May 28, 2020

  • i agree

    May 29, 2020

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