Furious Fighters 1 Read Count : 17

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure
One day in the chaos of space, three gods created 3 realms, Vampire, Human, and Robot, the three realms lived in Harmony until the Robot realm invaded the Human realm the gods had to stop this by making a tournament called "Fury Fight" all realms participated The Vampire champion was a Vampire named Lilly, the human champion was a Man named Daniel, and the Robot champion was a Robot Man named Jack. Lilly beat Daniel and Jack in the tournament so the gods rewarded her Realm with peace the Humans were jealous they invaded the Vampire realm and merged it together, then the gods allowed the realms to merge together the Vampires were upset and killed most of the humans the gods stopped their Rampage and separated the realms the Vampire Queen Lilly, Made sure that the Humans didn't get out of line again, she killed half of the humans and she ended her conquest. Lily was the most powerful Vampire she could control Time itself, she merged the Human realm with the Robot realm  and created Cyborg realm, Lily defied the gods and changed The Vampire realm into a even powerful realm the Vampires became powerful and killed anyone who defied Lily
To be continued....


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