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(The opening shows a portal appears in the sky, and out of the portal is Kimi, Charlie, Little tiger, Lady J, Penelope, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Kima, Usagi, and Rey.

The screen switches to Xia looking at a boy who has rags on, holding a cake, while a bunch of people step on his feet, her face looks gloomy; Rika is in front of the camera and takes a picture. 

Amelia by a knight who has short blue hair, side by side, he had her and she blushes.

Rey is making cake with an angel behind her.

Lady J is holding two swords with a bunch of knights behind her.

Charlie kisses Kimi's hand, looking like a prince and Kimi looks shocked.

Penelope, Kima, and Usagi were pointing at everything they see looking excited.

Little tiger is reading in Merlin's tower.

Kimi is in the graveyard with Merlin, bats fly past the screen.

Then, the screen shows Kimi in the dungeon looking lifeless in her eyes.

Dracula is laughing evilly in the background.

The screen shows Rey, Xia, Rika, Amelia, Little tiger, Lady J, The knights, Penelope, Kima, Charlie, and Usagi standing in front of Dracula's castle, ready for battle.

The opening ends with Kimi smiles at the screen)

(The episode opens with Xia is looking around the town, when she accidentally bumps into a boy)

Xia: I'm sorry.

A boy: It's okay.

(Xia and the boy looks at each other, Xia notice a boy who has short blonde hair, wearing drags, but no clothes and The boy notice Xia beautiful dress, then gets up)

The boy: You're majesty, I'm sorry.

Xia (thought): Your majesty, right I'm dressed similar to a princess.

The boy: Sorry, did I say something wrong?

Xia: No, but why are you in drags?

The boy: Oh, it's my stepmom's doing.

Xia (takes the boy's hands): Let's go.

The boy (running with Xia): Where are we going?

Xia: Where is your home?

The boy: Go straight.

(The screen shows Xia knocking on a door, a person who has long brown hair, wearing a brown dress and heels opens the door. Her name is Higashi Junzo)

Higashi Junzo (coldly) (with the door half open): Yes (she looks up, then opens the door widely) Hello, your highness.

 Xia: Hello (pulls the boy closea)

Higashi Junzo: Oh my gosh, he didn't cause you trouble, did he?

Xia: No, I want to change his clothes.

Higashi Junzo: Why? It's not like he is anything special.

Xia: What a rude thing.

The boy: It's okay, I'm used to it.

Xia: It's not okay, you shouldn't let your family run over you.

The boy: But…

Xia: No, buts (looks at Higashi Junzo with a serious look on her face) Show me his room.

Higashi Junzo (scuffs): Fine (walks into the cottage)

(The screen shows a room that has mattress, a box that has lots of clothes)

Xia: I see, I see, I've seen enough (grabs the box, takes the boy's hand and leaves)

Higashi Junzo: Where are you taking him?

The boy: What's going on?

Xia: I'm taking you away.

The boy: But, why i'm…

Xia: I hope you're not planning to say you are nothing.

The boy (thought): Who is she?

Xia: I'm Princess Xia (winks with one finger on her mouth) nice to meet you

The boy (blushes): I'm Oscar

(Xia smiles)

(The screen switches to Penelope, Kima, and Usagi looking around to see the knights passing by)

Usagi (looking at her camera): We have so many pictures 

Kima: I don't think we should have that out.

Penelope: True, it isn't the future.

(Usagi puts her camera in her purse)

Kima: I wonder what we should do.

(The screen shows a growing flower)

Usagi: Interesting.

(Usagi sees a man in a cloak passes by her, and she falls to the ground, Kima and Penelope get taken by a cloud of smoke, the person in a cloak takes Usagi away)

(The screen switches to Kimi is playing with Charlie by running away in a field, both of them have smiles)

Mita (holding a puppy): They are so cute.

(Pepper walks away) 

Tequa (drops to the ground): I have bad news 

(Charlie is holding a beagle)

Tequa: Dracula has returned.

Pepper: But, it is too soon.

Gabby: Somebody is changing time

(Mita is petting Kimi who's the beagle)

Gabby (looking at the beagle): Kimi, we might have to tell what was supposed to happen because it might happen sooner than we thought it would be.

Kimi the beagle: Are you sure that's wise?

Pepper: Yes

Gabby: Dracula has made an army of vampires.

(The screen shows Dracula who has curly black hair, wearing a red cape, black/red cloak and black boots with an army of vampires)

Mita: and he has this never ending battle with Merlin, since magic cannot affect vampires and Merlin is protected from vampires

(Merlin has purple aura that is in the shape of fire from his hands and fights Dracula)

Kimi: You haven't told us what is supposed to happen

Pepper: Exactly (looks at Kimi) You get attacked by Dracula, wake up in his castle, started to fall for him, he asks you to kill him, you hesitate at first; then you kill him, become the new leader of the vampire army, and you teleport back to your timeline.

(Kimi looks shocked)

Charlie: (waves at Kimi) Kimi! (Snaps) Kimi! (Shakes her) Kimi! 

(Kimi is still frozen)

Gabby: We broke her.

Pepper: Which isn't a good thing (points to the sky)

(The screen shows an army of bats in the sky)

Charlie (looking at the sky): What do we do? 

Gabby (puts her hands on Charlie's shoulder): Take her away.

(Charlie takes Kimi's hand and runs, Kimi is still paralyzed)

(The episode ends with the bats turn to regular vampires and Mita, Gabby, Pepper, and Tequa face the vampires)


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