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(The episode opens with Kanisha pointing to her treehouse, that looks like a regular house in the color of pink)

Aaliyah: Wow! This Treehouse seems to be the opposite of what you described.

Kanisha (amazed): Who did this? 

(A sound of metal comes from Kanisha's house which is a regular suburban home that is pink house with white lines)

(Kanisha, Tiesha, and Aaliyah run into the house)

Kanisha (opening the door): Aunt Mija! Is everything okay?

(Aunt Miji is on the floor, she has long brown hair, wearing an orange apron, a white shirt, pink skirt, and white heels. She also is covered in flour with bowls around her)

Aunt Miji (scratches her head): I'm fine

Kanisha (helps Aunt Miji): You seem clumsy as ever.

Aunt Miji (wiping the flour off her): I am, but you always make a fuss, I saw your video (shakes her head) Forget that (looks at Kanisha's body) Are you okay? No bruises, are they?

Kanisha: I'm not hurt, I'm just shocked, excited, and very curious

Aunt Miji (looks at Kanisha's tail): So, you really do have powers. (Shocked) The meteor was real!

Kanisha (with her tail moving): Yup.

Aunt Miji: (with a serious look) Sooooo….

Kanisha (rolls her eyes): Get on with it.

Aunt Miji (with a smile): Want to go on a trip to try out your powers?

Kanisha (excited): Of course.

Tiesha: (got between Kanisha and Aunt Miji) Hold it! (Points to Kanisha) We can't just show off your powers anywhere, it will attract attention and you could get arrested or experimented on (dramatically) or...or worse.

Aunt Miji (puts her around Tiesha): Sweetie, you do realize you are not the only smart girl in this place (spins her keys with her finger and stops) I have a special place for us to practice her powers.

Aaliyah: (sniffs the air) (eyes widened) We got intruders.

Aunt Miji (confused): Intruders (gives a evil smirk)

(The screen switches to people in black suits comes from the front door and back door surrounding Aunt Miji, Aaliyah, Tiesha, and Kanisha)

(Kat has smooth red hair in a ponytail, red lipstick, red eyeshadow, wearing a red dress, and heels)

Kat: Excuse me, Kanisha, I must ask you to come with us.

Kanisha (with her eyes glowing red): First, please get out of my house. I don't like uninvited guests

(Kat snaps her fingers and an agent knocks Kanisha down and handcuffs her hand together)

Kanisha (angry): Hey! I didn't even attack

Kat (looking at Kanisha): I saw your laser eyes, you think I'm a fool (taps a sip of a soda)

(A laser hit Kat's hair and one piece of hair fell on the floor)

(The screen shows Aaliyah holding a laser gun)

Aaliyah: Sorry, but I'm watching Ms. Kanisha, I'm Aaliyah, a space warrior.

Kat: Right, the alien. (walks to Aaliyah) I'm an FBI agent, so I appreciate your offering, but she's an earthling. So, the FBI will be taking care of her.

(Aunt Miji holds a broomstick and knocks a bunch of agents along with Tiesha who is just using her karate moves)

Aunt Miji (holds a broomstick at Kat's face): You will not take my Niece.

Kat: We won't hurt, just see what her powers do.

Aunt Miji: (drops her broomstick) If you want to do that, we were going on a trip to do just that (points to the front door) You can join us, if you want (looks at Kat seriously) But, you are not taking my niece, she nearly died at the hand of an enemy alien, so excuse me if I don't trust you.

Kat: (shrugs her shoulder) Fine (looks at the agents) half of you go to the boss and tell him what happened and the rest come with me (looks at Kanisha) So, we can observe her powers. 

(The screen shows a van driving away from the house)

(The screen switches to Kat looking at Aunt Miji)

Kat: So, where is this special place?

(Aunt Miji smiles)

(The screen switches to a van driving, then shows inside Kat in the passenger seat, Aunt Miji driving, Tiesha, Kanisha, and Aaliyah in the back)

Tiesha (whispers): Are we going to there?

Kanisha (whispers): That's the only safe place.

Aaliyah (whispers): What place?

Kanisha (whispers): You'll see (winks)

(The screen shows a normal house with a 'not for sale' sign)

Kat (closes the door): This is the place

Aaliyah (confused): It looks like your other house (looks at her mini computer) (eyes widened, and looks at the house) (puts the mini computer back in her pocket) Nevermind.

Kat (thought): What did she see?

(Kat, Aunt Miji, Aaliyah, Kanisha, and Tiesha head to upstairs)

(Upstairs, there is gym equipment)

Kat: Seems too ordinary.

(Aunt Miji pushes a red button, which changes the wall, spikes heads towards Kanisha)

Kat: Are you going to kill her?

Aunt Miji: She can handle, show her Kanisha.

Kanisha: (cracks her knuckles) Got it.

(Kanisha destroys the spikes with her tail and is spinning around like a ballerina)

Kat: Okay.

Aunt Miji: Told you.

(The screen shows Kanisha breathing fire, Kanisha and Aunt Miji fighting with a sword, Kanisha uses a sonic scream that breaks windows, Kanisha turns into a lion)

(The screen shows Kanisha sleeping on a couch)

Aaliyah: She's sleepy.

(Aunt Miji picks up Kanisha and holds her)

Tiesha: So, adorable.

Kat: Okay, we trust her in your hands, she seems like a normal girl, but we will check from time to time 

(The screen  shows Aunt Miji at her house waving goodbye to Kat, while Kat is driving away)

(Aunt Miji puts Kanisha in the bed)

(The episode ends with Aunt Miji closing the door)


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