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Yet, I work so hard putting one can person's request story apart, that still wasn't enough for him or she to accept at all. I knew I could refuse the offer an say no, but I won't an should've after the evidence I've found about it, but myself so  much in love becoming an writer, I just couldn't. Accepted the challenge an moved on. Day after day has gone by. Spending up time, an leaving everything else I love to on the day to day basses behind. Finally the day I got it done. Couldn't wait for the thank you 's  for what I done. I wait an wait an wait, still checking the app, still nothing big as I anticipated. "It's probably a slow day," I'll wait for some more to gone by, to check it again. I checked once more on a day, the see what's going to welcome me  up, what I saw wasn't anything bizarre but just little things that's tore my heart apart. "So much hard I put in to it, and nobody loved it!? "  I'm just overreacting. But how am I, when I put in !y heart into it, and I check other peoples it's what they loved the most, rated, five star, four star, like huh.………………………………. Makes you think what did I do wrong? The be done so wronged?


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