The Terror Of The Jungle Read Count : 9

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Horror
A single was picked up from a spot in the jungle. The Philippine's communist party sent a group of people to find out what happened. They were never seen again. The communist party is now debating sending more troops to investigate the jungle. 

"Sir!" A man yelled while coming in. "The body parts of commander Juan was just mailed to you, along with a note." "What did the note say?" The leader said in shock. "I don't know, they wouldn't say." He replied. The leader then turned to the other communist. "Isn't this enough proof that we need to investigate the jungle." He said. "We must assemble a army to take this thing down." 

At the end of the debate it was agreed that there should be a military backed investigation. They sent 6 helicopters to try, and find where the single is coming from. As they looked from above another army would try, and find who is protecting this place. There is 23 ground troops armed with ak47's, and the men in the helicopters were mostly unarmed, but the helicopters had machineguns attached. 

I marched through the hot jungle, not saying a word to my fellow comrades, we had our guns in hand. We were closely spread, each person had a partner, and each group was 10 feet apart. I looked up for a moment, and saw a man fall from the sky, then 5 seconds later we heard the gunshot. "Get down!" Someone yelled. I hit the dirt, looking at the others who did the same. "Who ever did that is a really good sniper." My partner said. "Continue as planned, 2 guys going in for the save." Someone radio in. We began to slowly crawl our way forward. 

The ground was hard, but dusty. Everyone move I made pushed around the dust, some even getting into my eyes, but we had to keep going. Then we heard another a loud crash. "Someone sniped the pilot, the helicopter crashed, all of us are unable to move. We need immediate back up." Someone said over the radio. "We were last 10 feet ahead of you." I then pushed my body up, and started running to the crash site. I heard several others join me. I had my ak47 in hand. I then saw the man who was shot out of the helicopter. I then ran over too him, and felt his pulse, there was none. I then ran to the crash site. As soon as I reached the crashed helicopter someone yelled. "Something took kim!" "Any idea where it took her?" I replied. "We heard it go northeast" he replied. "First we got to get you to a hospital." I said. 

"There been a crash, you need to pick us up." I said to a pilot. "Where are you?" He asked. "Who has the beacon?" I asked. I turned around to see only 5 people had followed me. "Did some here bring the beacon?" No one said anything. I radio someone in the original group. "We need you to turn on the beacon!" I then heard that guy start yelling. "Turn on the beacon!" I saw them group up, the man with the beacon was in the middle, and there were 3 people on each side of him. 

They started to speed walk to us. As soon as they got half way to us, we heard a shotgun blast. He had managed to kill, or injured everyone in the group. Suddenly he threw something on there bodies, I went in for a closer look, and saw it was a bomb. Another man ran from his spot, and quickly grabbed the beacon. I then began to fire where the thing maybe to cover the man run to us. As soon as he got to us we hid in the crashed helicopter waiting for the rescue team. 

I then noticed that the man who was shot out of the helicopter was gone. "I think he took the body." I whispered. Then we heard the helicopter. We then started to take them out of the crashed helicopter. Right before it landed, we heard an ak47 being shot, and saw bullets hitting the helicopter. "We need a clear landing!" The pilot said over the radio. I then began running around, shooting, trying to hit it. I started looking in the trees if he's hiding in there. Then, I saw something big in a tree. I shot it, causing it to fall. It wasn't the thing, it was kim. She had a double bladed hook in her shoulder, the part in her shoulder was shaped like a hook, but the other end was flat, and round. I felt her pulse, there was no pulse. 

The helicopter was finally able to land, as the thing stopped shooting at it. As I began to walking to the crash site, until I felt a rope go around my neck. I felt the rope shift, then a needle went into my neck. I then feel him loosen the rope. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't, I felt like he drugged me. I then felt a sharp pain in my back, and within a moment, I was in the air, hanging from a tree. I felt my heart stop, and my throat tightened, and I slowly blacked out. 

I woke up in a clearing, still hanging above the ground. Then a man walked up to me, he was wearing a green cloak, that changed shades. He took of the cloak with revealed he was wearing a green jumpsuit, just like before, it changed shades. He also clearly had weapons on him, but they blend in with the jump suit, so I couldn't tell what they truly were. He was also wearing a helmet, and just like the rest of his outfit, it was green, whiched change colors. He took of the helmet, and unzipped the jumpsuit, revealing the top half of his body. He was a dark yellow, with greenish veins, and red dots sprinkled all over him. His eyes were dug in, giving him tunnel vision. He had two long teeth, and when he opened his mouth, I saw an extra row behind the normal one. The rest of his teeth were small, and sharp, similar to a shark's teeth. He was skin, but muscular, and he was tall. Although I couldn't touch the ground with my feet, he still had to look down to see me. He was completely bald, he looked alot like an alien Buddhist.

He then unhinged his jaw, and put my head in his mouth. He then bit down.


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