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There’s were 2 friends whose name is Lisa and Monica who are very close and they never fight but one incident change them and they start to fight they think they are not too close because what happened in between them was very shocking. They were fighting for a locket. And that fight was that Monica stole the locket of Lisa but Lisa did not do it.
Monica tried to explain that she did not steal but then it did not work out. So Monica has written a letter to Lisa and left from that place 

It is been 3 years that Lisa and Monica has talked because of that incident.

One day when Monica was coming out of the office she saw Lisa passing and was about to hit by a car so Monica rushed towards the opposite road and saved Lisa because Lisa is very close Monica.

Then Monica asked are fine and Lisa said she is fine Monica was about to leave but then lid Lisa her hand and said I am sorry for that day it was stolen and kept in ur bag and I did not know that and that blame cane on u sorry for not trusting.

Monica said it is fine I tried to explain but u did not listen will u atleast belive now 

The. Lisa said yes I do then they hugged each other left from that place 

So the moral of the story is

You have to trust the person who your close too if u don’t u might lose that person


  • Rishita Bhavari

    Rishita Bhavari

    the story photo is of my story

    May 12, 2020

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