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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
I was outside of a house at a party and this old man ( white, light blue eyes, a gray beard, and a black top hat on ) kept looking at me while he was walking around the house I was at! At first, it didn't bother me because the next door neighbor had a black man walking around his house so I thought to myself that maybe they were bodyguards! Some time later, I was playing with this little girl named Skylar and while I was with her I couldn't help but to keep an eye on the old man so I looked around and he was standing still staring right at me! Skylar went inside of the house to go in her room, so I decided to walk around the house in the opposite direction of the old man. When I came across him he stopped walking and stared at me, I told him "hey" and waved at him with a smile but he just stared at me so I got a little scared and continued walking around the house. Then I noticed that I couldn't see the old man anymore so I turned around and he has standing right behind me just looking at me! It jump-scared me, he noticed he scared me and then smiled at me, then he continued walking around the house. So I got creeped out and started walking the same direction as the old man, soon he noticed that I wasn't crossing him so he just stopped walking. I saw him stop walking, ( he was in front of the house and I was behind the house standing by the corner ) so I decided to stop walking and watch him and he waited for me to cross him but when he noticed that I didn't, he started looking around for me. Then he saw me and just stared at me for a minute and then turned around to walk towards me, I panicked and I turned around and ran in the house ( he saw me run in the house ) and he decided to go in the house as well! I ran into Skylar's room ( she was playing on her iPad ) I told her, "shh don't let anyone know I'm in the bathroom" ( while holding a finger to my lips ) she whispered "okay" and I hid in her bathroom! A few minutes later, I hear someone walk into Skylar's room 
and ask for me. Skylar said she didn't know where I was but the old man looked in her room anyways and he then he saw the bathroom door was closed he went to the door and he turned the knob, but it was locked! The room got silent after that, but when I looked up at the door the old man was looking at me through the crack of the door holding Skylar and dragging her out. While Skylar was getting dragged she looked at me from under the door and put her figure over her lips and said "shh!" I was scared because I knew he was probably planning on killing her, so I decided to go look for him and confont the situation! ( I thought to myself it shouldn't be that hard since he was stalking me ) I looked in the house cautiously and he wasn't there, so I decided he had to take her outside! I went outside and when I stepped out the house he was staring right at me by the pourch, it jump-scared me and he smiled again! I confronted him and asked him "what do you want from me" and he said "I want you dead" ( while smiling )! He grabbed me by the hair and yanked me off the pourch and to the ground, I started to get up and I noticed that he had a large amount of matches in a cup taped to his body. When I got up he told me what was on him and that it was going to create a big explosion, then he lit it! I started to run as far as I possibly could away from him and as I was running he shouted at me "there's no point of running, might as well give up!" So I stopped running and hid behind a bush, the matches were about to explode. When I dunked under the bush, I prayed, I said "Lord, please protect me please".. as soon as I said my last please the place exploded and everything was on fire, people heard the explosion and started coming near the fire and called the police! I thought I was died but I opened my eyes and I was alive, I was alive and laying on the ground! I heard the ambulance sirens so I started screaming for help, they hear me and they rushed towards me and told me "it will be okay".. The End


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