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 I fuck up my luck. Hungry for peace && love, I'm so fuck up. Lucky charms for hood luck. Still mind stuck. Will I ever start to give up. Waiting on the them of my life as a movie seen over && over. I think better sober. I stay having to come over. Asking females will they come over. I end up coming over. One lucky nights, Lucky charms for hood luck. I don't think nobody like sheemy or sheem. Everybody love Hysheem. Don't say shit. Mind his business. Just remember a memory I shouldn't have. Lost a load of shit I should not have. Like a phone on low battery. I made something from good memories. Learn something from each member of family. Got a away with doing dirt. Hit a lick change shirt. Hit a lick && dip by the homeless with so much money. I got cleaner then a junky.Lucky charms for hood luck.I fuck up my luck. Hungry for drugs && 💰 money, I'm so fuck up.


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    May 07, 2020

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