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You will not believe but these is true story of India I live in India and these my true hauntin g experience to india it was my visit to bangarh fort I don't know actually I was in 4 standard it was only one day trip with my mother and father we had gone to know the history of bangarh fort but at night we get lost at it was really terrifying suddenly I turn around and saw nobody it would give me panic heart attack I don't know where my mother and father had gone suddenly I heard a song that was terrifying song I saw an lady an white dress she was holding a knife in hand suddenly I  fell down from stairs I saw her face was cut with knife and blood was trickling and then it really haunted me so I turned around. And run as fast as I could but I couldn't find my mother and father then I was at aground flower where I found my mother and father suddenly we heard sound we saw a man who had no head he comes towards us carrying torch we run as fast as could we we don't know what was it but it depicts on you it your choice to think that it is paranormal or not but whatever I saw it was really haunted


  • May 02, 2020

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    May 01, 2020

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    May 01, 2020

  • Even many forts in Rajasthan are haunted especially Chittorgarh Fort where u can see burnt faces of women... Eerie

    May 05, 2020

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