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(The episode opens with Kimi is wearing a short orange dress and orange flip flops looking at the sky, with Charlie is wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes, Lady J has a sun hat, wearing a white dress with no sleeves and pink sandals, and Little Tiger has a sun hat, wearing a pink dress and pink flip flops  behind her)

Kimi (looks at Lady J): uh, miss J, why are we at the beach?

Lady J (smiles): I thought you needed a little R and R, so I arranged us a private island.

Kimi (looks at the island, shocked): You arranged this for me.

Lady J (with her phone out): Yup, and all of us have been excused from our business, so we can be together as a family.

Kimi: family?

Lady J: Yup, I am your guardian, so we are family 

(Kimi hugs Lady J with her eyes looking watery, but no tears comes out)

(The screen shows Rey wearing a bikini: purple top, pink bottom, no shoes running with a smile on her face)

Rey (looks at Kimi): So, you want to build a sand fortress?

Kimi: fortress? 

Rey: Duh, because your tail can turn into anything it can totally help with the sand castle.

Kimi: That makes sense (smiles and in mid-air) Let's go

Rey (smiles with her fist in the air): Yeah.

Kimi: Want to join us, Charlie, Little tiger, Lady J?

Lady J: I'm going to be getting my tan on.

Little tiger: I want to join.

Charlie: I would like to join too.

Kimi: Great, let's have fun.

(The screen switches with Kimi's tail turned into a basket and it's full of sand)

Rey (puts her thumbs up): good job.

(Charlie is making a gate and Little Tiger is making the people of the fortress)

(Kimi puts the sand from her bucket down and starts to making the windows)

Little Tiger (looking at Kimi): Wow!

Lady J: (raises her glasses) (looks at Kimi) (thought) She seems to be so happy. Us coming here was the best idea (her phone rings in her purse) (Lady J opens her phone and puts it to her ear) Hello, I told I'm on vacation to send time with my kids (picking up a glass of lemonade with ice) Say, what (drops her glass)

Charlie (looks at Lady J): Mom, are you okay?

Lady J (with a nervous smile): Yes (walks in the opposite direction) What do you mean? I already put ownership of her. What?

(Kimi gets up, and got a shocked look on her face)

Rey: Kimi?

Charlie (gets up): What's wrong?

(Lady J turns around to see Kimi crying, and drops her phone in the sand, then she runs to Kimi and hugs her)

Lady J: It's okay, I'm not letting them take you because I want you to feel happy, that's why I brought you here.

(Rey picks up the phone and walks away)

Rey (in a serious tone): Excuse me, who is trying to take guardianship of Kimi.

A man: A scientist named Pinaito Qua. He is known for creating robots and intrigued by experiments.

Rey: I heard of him. Tell him  that it's impossible because Rey Katamay is overruling him..

A man (surprised): Impossible, how did you get this phone

Rey (smiles): I'm great friends with Kimi.

A man: Okay, I'll tell him.

Rey: Thank you (hangs up, then walks to Kimi and gives the phone to Lady J)

Lady J: Thank you

(Kimi hugs Rey. Rey rubs Kimi's hair, while Kimi is crying)

Rey (thought): It's okay, Kimi, I took care of it

Kimi (looks at Rey shocked) (thought): Thank you, but you were putting that behind.

Rey (thought): Let me worry about that.

Kimi: Okay.

(The screen switches to a dark room, a man who has short brown hair, wearing a black suit looking at person isn't seen)

A man: We couldn't get her sir.

A voice: How? 

A man: Rey Katamay claims Kimi is under her protection.

A voice (a hand holding a glass of wine): So, She's back in the game, interesting. Then, we'll have to do plan B.

A man: Of course, I'll call them sir (dials on his phone)

A voice: Good, and keep an eye on her.

A man: Got it, sir.

(The screen switches to Kimi swimming with Rey and Charlie following her, then she dives, her eyes widened)

Kimi (opens her mouth): I can breath. (Smiles) I can breath. (Spins in the water) I can breath underwater.

(Kimi comes out of water, while spinning, showing her making a water tornado surrounding her body. This shocks Lady J, Little tiger claps with a smile, Charlie and Rey look shocked as well)

Kimi (opens her eyes, seeing what she did): Cool! (She collects the water and makes wings)

(Rey takes a picture)

(Kimi smiles as she flying around and lands back in the water between Rey and Charlie)

(The screen switches to a guy in a white cloak sit in a thorne)

(Another man appears in a white cloak)

Another man: Sir, plan B has been approved.

First man (smiles): Good (looks at the sky) We will meet soon, Kimi

(The episode ends with the first man with a bunch of people in white cloaks on the floor has a circle with candles flying all around)


  • I love the script,keep it going.

    May 01, 2020

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