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From the sea of ​​faded dreams,
Light another dream for me, please.
  I want to keep the flame alive,
No matter how many people
Will try to steal it from my hand.

Of all the songs you compose,
Write a song just for us,
To hear it loud when others will scream
To leave you behind my life.
  Just to remind I have enough reasons
To fight for you more, my darling.

When you will be here,
Hold me tight to your chest,
To feel the warmth of your hands
Trying to break the iceberg
From my loneliness heart.

Tell me about your fears,
To overcome them together,
Don't hide your tears of pain,
Let them descend over my shoulder.

From the depths of your heart,
Let love flow into my heart,
Transform our love into the deepest ocean.
You always loved me more
When I hated myself the most.


  • May 01, 2020

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    May 01, 2020

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