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(The screen shows Kanisha wearing sunglasses on her head, red dress and red heels chewing gum, while making a bubble, Kimi spins a yoyo, and blinks)

(The screen shows from an apartment, a huge cloud of smoke appears, Kanisha looks out the window, still spinning her yoyo and chewing her gum. She sees it's just a crazy inventor: a woman who has spiky brown hair, wearing a lab coat, casual clothes that blew up her invention, so she snaps her finger, which makes the inventor's machine reappear undamaged)

(The inventor blows Kanisha a kiss, Kanisha laughs and sends a message to the inventor by paper airplane)

(The screen shows Kanisha playing a piano, with her hair in a ponytail, wearing sunglasses, a long black coat, black dress, and black heels)

(The crowd behind her is shown to be rich families, looking at each other and giving notes to each other, then passes it to the next person)

(Kanisha smiles, while playing and throws roses to the people in the crowd. One of the people in the crowd, looks at Kanisha, and looks at his sketchbook)

(This person has a black hat, long brown trench coat, wearing sunglasses on his face, black shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. He smiles at Kanisha)

(Kanisha sees the man sketching her with her super sight and starts playing the piano in a code)

(The man listens carefully and rights the code in the notes Kanisha is playing. Kanisha stops playing the code once the man figures what her message means, the man  figures it out after three minutes)

(The man grabs one of the roses that Kanisha threw, takes the thorns off, wraps a letter to it; and sends it back to Kanisha)

(Kanisha reads the letters, and makes a heart shape with her tail)

(The man smiles gently and sits down)

(The screen switches to Kanisha hanging upside down, then she sees two guys kissing, she quickly retreats)

(The first guy has short brown hair, wearing a blue suit and shoes named Elijah.

The second guy has long brown hair, wearing a black suit and shoes named Mason)

Mason (looks at wondoindow): How can I help you?

Kanisha (still upside down): Sorry to interrupt your moment, I just watched some sugar and my powers are on the fritz.

Mason: No problem, neighbor (hands Kanisha a teapot)

Kanisha: Thank you, and bye (walks back to her roof)

Mason (peeks his head out): Wait!

Kanisha (walks back): Yes.

Mason: Can I get an autograph?

Kanisha: Sure. (uses her tail as a pen to sign her name on paper)

Mason: Thank you, borrow our sugar anytime.

(The short ends)i


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    May 01, 2020

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