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I look out in a teary gaze just one blink and the tears roll down my face. my body is week and my heart full of pain and there's always too much going on inside my brain. Too many thoughts of what people think too many ideas of things I should never think too many days of people saying are you okay too many times I've lied about what I really wanted to say .my body is weak and my heart is numb and it's all because of what I've become I've dealt with all the things people said but I made the mistake of storing them in my head people say just let it go but sometimes they just don't know I want it to stop but it never does all the pain does is reoccur I want to heal and feel the joy they feel but sometimes they don't see my pain is real my life seems so perfect when I was young in some days I wonder why has this become why have I been hurt in this understood just about being different or the way that I look closing the book or do I just turn the page life should be more than wondering if you should stay I hope you look I hope you see the little girl inside of me she just and to be carefree just like things used to be she wants your love and your embrace  so make sure not to hurt her because she hides her face she hides her pain and doesn't speak what she feels because she knows the world of judgement is oh  to real so you better take notice and take her hand because she's slowly sinking into the sand.


  • Apr 30, 2020

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