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What is it about me why is it that you can't see me the real me ,the me that cares can't you see me standing there I'm standing right in front of you just reach out your hand no other way I'm screaming in despair please don't leave me you're the only one that I think understand hello are you listening I'm talking to you yes you right there come back this way please don't leave me here do you hear me screaming and crying for you this wall it's too thick I don't know how I built it so quick others have hurt me really bad that's probably why my heart is so sad can you finally see me you haven't moved come closer I don't want to lose you too put your hand on the wall I need to know you're there and I'm return always care please I love you don't leave me OK my heart is already shattered there's no more room for any pain help me break down the wall I want to see your face the person that has carried me all this way start chopping away I know I'm scared deep down but since it's you I guess it's okay the hammer it's right over there I see you looking please go get it we'll both get through it I promise okay its loud now it's so loud if you chop through the wall is pain you stop why is that because you can finally see me and take my hand and now there's no turning back.


  • Apr 30, 2020

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