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"piss'd w passion"

aYo, like Pac
Im "piss'd w passion"
So I spiT sum cLassix
YeT I sTiLL liVed on da bLocK
I eLeVaTed aFTa mY marriage
There's a meThod 2 mY madness
Bc Im sTiLL a TrgT 2 da FcKn Cops
My wfe hVe manners Bt Im an ignanT Ngga datz raTcheT
"12 bkz n 2yrz"...Ngga Im moVin like Im nt esTabLish'd
"It's like you're always taking a hiaTus." & "So wen tf wll u drop?"
IDFK Bc I appear, disappear den reappear like Im doin magic
1sT ImmA FLood da mrkt w aLoTTa sTaTic
Den generaTe reVenue Bc aFTa me, eVryThng sToPs!
I wuz iLL B4 COVID Bt I bounced BcK w mo rds like an auTomaTic
Im reFocus'd Bc I FeLL shorT 2 mY addcTions. Im a FcKn AddcT!
@ Xz, I spiT iT cld & oTha Xz, I spiT iT hoT (Rs!)
I swTch'd oVa 2 greens Bc I grU Up on cabbage
I HdTa eLeVaTe mY sTyLe Bc Im noLonGr spiTTn 2 da Average
ThX iLLy 4 da supprT Bc I HdTa "shiT or get off the pot"-



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