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What is true love? Does it even exist anymore? I searched as I was taught to do for true love my entire life with a man, when right in front of me I had two boys who loved me unconditionally the whole time. I was blind to it, until my oldest said something one day. It threw me back when he said it, but it also opened my eyes. What did he say? Why should I have to tell you I love you, your my mom you should know in your heart I love you and through my actions also. He taught me that if someone truly loves you they will show it in their actions, cause I love you is just words to make another feel wanted or desired, but their actions will always speak louder than words. I had to learn to love myself in order to gain insight on what love is truly all about. Sex is great, but what happens when your sex life dies? Usually so does your relationship, unless you've built a strong bond based on other things besides sex. I still believe in true love between people but is rare to see it in our society today. When you love yourself, you will not let other's mistreat or abuse you in any way or form and learn to let go of negatives that don't work in your life anymore. It's beautiful!


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