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It was a dare I should've never taken, but stubborn me just had to prove my point. The church was full of patron's and as I made my way down the aisle nervously, I kept my head down. I get up to the preacher and take the bread, ask if I could ask him something, and he replied "Why yes my child, ask away" I asked "If I kiss a boy will I go to hell" he replied "Yes you will" that is when I threw my hands up in the air and louder than I meant to replied "Well I guess I'm going to hell then" and ran off as quickly as my feet would carry me. I went out back and gazed at all the statues they had, wondering if I really was going to hell. I laid down on a bench tired from crying about going to hell, when...
I suddenly was taken away by an angel, who showed me what my life was going to be like (Which was hell). Towards the end of the vision, I got to see that I never found love with a man on earth, and this angers me and I walk away from the angel. I decided if my life was going to be hell anyways I'm going to rebel against this God they all talked about and I did, until recently. As I walked away from the angel, he kept begging me to come back, but I wouldn't listen. I fiund true love on earth, just not with a man. I was never to have kids, I was gifted Micheal, who in the end taught me what true love was. I also found love with my Father and Guardian Angels after they saved my life almost 3 years ago.


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