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We listened to the radio The Green Hornet- The Lone Ranger-Make Believe Ballroom etc. At the movies for a quarter we saw Cartoons-a chapter of Buck Rogers along with the file. We played in the street- kick the can - Johnny on the pony etc. From our window our mothers called us in for lunch Then the world opened up. There was a box with a screen if you turned the antenna on top of the box you could get a black and white picture of news and sitcoms. It was a miracle -Dumont-RCA-Air King Mundz were brands we had. Later to come to expand the miracle was TV In color And box size machines that opened up a whole new  world of communication And finally a little phone and a watch you could hold in your hand and on your wrist that combined all of these. What will they think of next that will amaze your children and grandchildren that you will be reminiscing about.


  • Apr 30, 2020

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