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I'm back with new account with this app on intact, on using it for my stories just like that! So, sir seat back and relax. Cause your boy coming back with the revamp of his old stories sending you notifications all over your device like flap jack. Deleting my account, I'd felt guilty and sad. Why isn't my stories good to where they should be at? You'll blowing up my comment section under my stories, you'll stalking me on my back, impatiently waiting for another update, around like eighty or hundred  read views; saying "I loved your stories! " When is the new update or chapter, so I could read more of it in my free time chilling.?😢😟 Never give up on your dreams no matter what happen in vain. Mine is being the best writer novelist of all times, and getting my first book published. No matter the odds, still go for your wishes. It's my life career, still please if you see book states Nick  Rollins, that'll means I've reached my goal and if I see you, I'll say Your welcome! Lol. So, don't be getting the police involve, cause that's me relax! I just delete my old good account depressed, with my old stories


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