Top School Bully 3 Read Count : 11

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Sub Category : Adventure
"AHH HELP ME!!!!" You shouted.Minho was there helping you from falling of the building ."Y/n-ah Hold this rope!fast" He shouted.You hold the rope and finally you are safe but not actually safe.The gas went up and Lotte building was not the tallest building there.The gas will burn our skin and we will die.Some Helicopters come and take all the people there.At Korea there was so many tall buildings so they have much place for people but not the helicopters.We were just about to went in the helicopter but the helicopter was full.So we cant go in there."Y/n Come in!" Chenle said."Oppa i cant ,The helicopter is full!""Sir we will take her later dont worry"Said the man.So we wait for about 15 minute but no one came . So we decided to climb the buildings.YES WE ARE CRAZY RIGHT.But it was for safety so we begin to put on some clips and rope at our waist and we begin to climb."Oppa, This building will sink with gas in any minute!We need to get there!""I know Y/n .Wait-"He stop his word while worrying about something."Why?It is about the Food and water and ropes?I bought it already!""Glad you bought that!""Yo oppa How about we take that bunch of planks and went there"You ask.He nodded and then started to arrange the planks.You and Minho walked slowly to the other side and success."Y/n lets head upstairs!""Oppa Lets go to the mall!The mall is the tallest building here but no one is there!""You sure?""Yea,Look!".He went to check the mall and we begin to climb again.After 30Minutes of climbing we finally arrived at the empty mall."Oppa you can check the Medical section!I take the food section!"You said then You guys started to collects supplements.He found a gas mask and a medic costume.You found  5 bottles of Warm water and some cold food.You guys decided to take a rest and eat some cold food at the mall.While you were eating you saw a Helicopter bringing people to the tallest building .They were few of them.The television work and now the Helicopters wont safe people again becuz some of them were broke and some need gasoline.So they wont come here again."Oppa .....""I dont know what to do""Me either""The gas went upstairs already"Like he said the gas went upstairs and went to our foot."Oppa...."i called him again."LETS DIE ALREADY!!!!" We shouted in sync.Then we hold hands and started to jump from upstairs to downstairs.So yea,Basically we died.


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