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   Throughout the United States,  one in six women is likely to be sexually harassed and or possibly raped. But what about men? We all here the stories of rape and abuse of women as if it's a one sided coin, but in reality it's not as one sided as what you think. Approximately one out of ten men or boys are likely to be exposed to sexual assualt or misconduct and that's the reported crimes that we discover bear fruit. 

Here's the Truth!
  • Six out of ten of the offenders are males.
  • Four out of ten offenders are obviously female given the prior statistic. Males exposed to sexual abuse or behaviour have an 80% likelihood to become offenders. 
   Many women or people like to argue that sexual abuse in men and boys was not possible. This fact is widely mistaken, that it was so widely accepted in 2014 that sexual abuse allegations in men and boys increased threefold. Meanwhile most of these reports were being ignored until researchers and children foundations decided to take notice. Men and boys, piece by piece came out about their experiences came to light.
   The truths are startling, because granted there is a large number of abused women the gap is not that large and there is a "factor" there which could cause more harm than good. What is more interesting, as researchers talked to men and boys, they discovered that sexual abuse not only affects them in a similar manner, but much worse because of the heightened cause of embarrassment and shame both men and some women give them. So it is up to both men and women to close this gap and do their best to recognize these facts.

Man or Boy Vs. Woman or Girl!?

   So how does sexual abuse between woman and man? A woman typically isn't as strong as a man, but most serial abusers will start by targeting males who are physically weaker and more likely to be emotionally manipulated by a woman. Keep in mind when you are being manipulated, it is never in a male or female's best interest. So don't even consider using sex as a tool or reward like some "women" like to suggest. To put it simply, women are more tactful about how they abuse men or boys.

So Why my Focus?
   It's a widely assumed fact that only women are sexually abused, but the reality is much different. As media focuses on women that have been sexually abused, it tends to unintentionally cause the rate of men and boys being sexually abused. Keep in mind, 80% of those male victims from men and women become abusers themselves. Women and girls are less likely to become abusers harboring only 30% chance.

How to Help Them?

   There are many wonderful foundations which support male and female victims of sexual abuse or related crimes. Donating to these foundations as one way to help the survivors, but if you are in the position to help a person who has been abused here are a few tips to help you handle the situation.

  • Patience, is very important as the person will struggle for a long period of time before coming to terms with what happened to them.
  • Be supportive, encouraging a person who has been sexually abused will mean more to them than the world.
  • Be respectful, I will acknowledge that there are a lot of people who like to play the victim card, but always be respectful of any individual who claims to have been abused. To those people, I would say never accuse someone of a crime that they didn't commit. Someone else, the victim of those kind of crime suffer more from it.
  • Encourage a person to take up a hobby, because the inner struggle will be a difficult one. Many abused people take up hobbies such as writing or art. It mentally helps them relieve their tension and getting them acknowledgement for the daily struggles.
  • Give the person space, this is very important because the person who is usually a victim of crime will delve deep into a thinking period. They may want to be alone very often, and this may be important to help them get over their situation. Stay close, but do not stifle a victim of abuse.
  • Encourage this person to help other people, as their experience may help other people as well as help themselves. When these people meet in the realize they went through a similar tragedy that, it makes it easier to accept that this kind of bad thing happens to more than just themselves.


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