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Dirt flys through the air, as men dig the tunnels. Japanese soldiers carry creates from the boat, and carry them down the dirt path. Some soldiers only job is to take those creates to the base, others only job is to ain rifles at us as we work. Some of us dig the mine, the others farm the rice, we are all prisoners of war. 

I grab my shovel, and start digging. A man carries another support beam. "I don't know what's in those crates, but there working real hard so no one finds out." I say to my friend while we're digging. "Don't do it!" My friend Ryan whispers. We were both in the same squad, before we were caught by the Japanese. "I want to know why I'm digging." I tell him. "You know what there going to do to you if you take a peak!" He says. "If I get caught." I say. "You will get caught if you take a look." He says. "I'm taking a look at what I'm digging for." I say. "You know that entire area is restricted!" He says. A soldier walks into the tunnel. "Everyone out!" He yelled. We began to leave in a line. 

We line up to eat our ration. It was our version of breakfast, we got up, worked in the morning for half an hour, then we ate breakfast as the other group begins to start there dig. I grab my plate, and find a spot at one of the wooden table. My little group takes up a table. "You can't look at those creates, if you do you'll be tortured." Ryan said. "Not only that, they will torture this entire group to set an example." My other friend jason says. "Jackson, don't do it!" My friend don said. I then finished my rice. "I got to." I say as I leave. There is 30 minutes until we're all forced to farm rice, so I have to be quick. I see more soldiers carrying creates into the area. I make a turn into the forest, and start to make my way to the broken fence. I then sneak my way under it, and look at the tent where all the creates are. 

Nobody was around, I make a sprint for the tent. I then try to open the create, but it doesn't open on the first try. As I get ready to try again, I feel a force hit me, and being pushing me to the dirt. The dirt flies in my eyes. I feel my arms press against my back, as someone bonds my wrists together. I'm then picked up, and dragged to a building in the area. I'm then tied to the chair. I hear the door slam as they leave. I begin to shake as I think what's going to happen to me. 

The general then walks in. "Why are you so interested in those creates?" The general asked in broken english. "I just wanted to know why I was digging." I say. The general then walks over to a box, and opens it. He then pulls out a knife, and begins to walk to me. "On the battel field, the one you fought in, the one that you lost. I shot on of your marines, then after we won, I took this as a trophy." He said in broken english. "I'll let you got if you do me some favors." I thought he was gay, but this wasn't the way I wanted to find out. He then put the knife in the box without shutting it. He then untied me, and forced himself on me. I then got up with him, and went against the wall, reaching in the box. I then found the knife, and grabbed it. I stabbed him the back, and as he went to scream, I covered his mouth. I forced him to the floor, and repeatedly stabbed him. 

As soon as he died, I looked in the box. I saw something useful, a bomb. I then noticed a rifle, I knew I need to liberate the camp. I saw an American flag under the stuff, I would replace the Japanese flag, with the American one. I then put the general's hat on the door knob. I knew that I had until 10 to hide the rifle, and bomb in the jungle. At 10 I have to go to roll call. I knew I needed the bomb. 

I then snuck out the back window, and under the fence with the bomb, and lighter. I then got at a good distance, and hid it in a tree. I made sure to pick a noticeable tree. I then made the trip again for the box. I hid the box behind the tree. Then the rifle, and later I brought back a trench shotgun, hiding it in the tree. After that I joined my group for farming. A rifle man was watching me. I couldn't tell anyone my plan. As soon as we returned to eat lunch I told my friends. 

"Were should we strike?" Don said. "What about the armory?" I said. "We throw it in, and then as soon as they flee, we arm ourselfs. "They'll be mostly unarmed then." Ryan said. "But what next?" "We make them run for the boat." I said. 

After roll call we went for the stash. One man ran broke the window. "Wait, no one is in there." He said. "Well, go arm yourselfs, I'm going for the base." I said. They ran in, while I ran to the restricted area. Lighted the fuse, and throw it in. I then ran into the forest. As that exploded, soldiers ran out. I then took aim at them as they ran. I then heard more gun fire from the tunnel, then some at the infirmary. I watched pows run into the armory to collect rifles. We finally kick them out of the base.

After the boat left, I went into the base with a crowbar, and opened a create. I was shooked to see what I saw. "It's gold!" I yelled. Men ran into the based, we finally saw what we were digging for. I then open the next create. "It's a botanist statue!" Men being to unload it, others unload the gold. "Artwork!" I yell after opening another one. We kept opening more creates, finding unimaginable riches.

We then put a map on the table. "There's an American base 2 miles away." I said. "We send a 6 guys, 1 guy carries a rope so they can find there way back, and the rest protect him." I say. "As soon as they find the base, the man ties the other end to a tree, then finds his way back." As I'm saying this, the American flag is rised. I go to tie the rope to a tree, I double tie it. As soon as I finished, the group came up to me. "Who's taking the rope." I said. "I am." A man said walking up to me, I then handed it to him. They then began there trip. 

We finally got to sleep that night; however of course one man had to make sure that a ship didn't come back. My shift was in the middle of the night. As I watched the water I heard pulling. I looked, and saw the tree the rope was attached to was moving. After a few moments, the rope went flat. "Guys!" I yelled. Some men ran to me. "What is it?!" One man yelled. "The rope went flat!" I yelled. We all began to panic, wondering what happened. After a minute we saw the line move, as if someone aimed it away from the camp. An hour later we saw the line man run into the camp. "Cut the rope, we can't let them find us!" He yelled. He then cut the rope, and took it. "Who?" I yelled. "The Japanese!" He yelled.

"What happened?" I asked. "We found out that the Japanese took the base back, so they told me to hid the rope, there going out fighting." He said. "We got to wait until we win the war, then they'll find us." Ryan said. "Maybe an American ship will see our flag, and try to help us." Don said. "We can't stay for that long, the Japanese may take over." I said. "What if we joined them in the attack." "No!" The man yelled. "There's to many of them." He then said calmer. "Look, let's just sleep it off." "We can't just sleep off the possiblity of death." I said. "We'll figured it out in the morning." He said. "Alright." Is said knowing this means I will get to sleep. 

That morning someone came out of the jungle. "Hey!" I yelled while running to him. "What happened to the rope?!" He yelled. "To stop the Japanese." I said. "What happened?" "What Japanese, we found the base, but then we saw the line go flat." He said. "The other men are lost!" He then fired a round in the air. "The rope man said that it was a Japanese base." I said. All of the suddenly the other 4 men came out of the jungle. "He's a liar." I said. I then grabbed the shotgun. 

2 guys dragged out the rope man. They made him kneel in front of you. "I know for a fact you've been lying, but why?" I said. I took a step back, as another man aimed rifle at him. He then turned to him, then his face exploded, like a reverse shotgun. The rifle man body was covered with skin, and blood, in small snowflakes groups. It then formed inti what looked like a gaint beetle. 

The man face started to reform, and his body retracted into his head. A man ran off. Soon the gaint bug fused into the rifle man. I then shoot the thing on the ground, soon a man covered it in gasoline, and throw a lit match on it. A fire then began to spread. Soon the rifle man body started to become deformed. The man then covered him in gasoline too. The fire started to grow, until the entire plain was on fire. "Run!" Ryan yelled. 

As we ran I heard alien screaming, I turned around, and saw don laying on the floor, his legs turned into liquid, and he seemed to be crying for help. I know I couldn't do it, because then he would infect me, and even if I save him, and myself, I can't let that thing live. He slowly turned into liquid, his face aimed right at me. I slowly backed away. After a few moments had pass, it launched those blood clots at me, but it wasn't strong enough, so it landed feet away from me. I was in shook, and couldn't run, even when the colts started to inch too me.


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