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She is everything to me
My love my life my absolute need
I never thought my life would be cut short
snuffed out taken like it meant nothing
There is nothing I would not do for her
Give her my heart so that she could live if the time ever come
Without doubt without second though or hesitation she would be the only one left between her and me
her lips I miss the touch
Miss the comfort the life they bring
I would kill for just one more taste
I miss her joy her light her simplicity so much
Anything to stop the emptiness I feel
I cant take much more for any longer
I'm going crazy knowing she is here and not by my side
she was forever and I was a fool
I took for granted each and every beautiful moment  and away I lied
I'm so empty
I am so sorry I hate so myself so much
if only I could find a moment just for a minute today
I dont deserve her forgiveness or her sympathy
Watch me fall apart
I run the streets keep to the shadows
Hiding in shame
I know it is only I who is to blame. 


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