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My name is Jamie Galindez. I was born with a mother named Jennifer Can, and my thought to be father Jeremy Galindez. I was born on March 16th. My father, Jeremy, was taken away when I was very young. Him and my mother argued a lot, and he made some pretty stupid moves at times, but my parents loved each other so much. He had to go away to Pennsylvania, his birth place, mainly because he wasn't treated fairly here because he's black. He would be driving with my mom on the highway and get pulled over and told that he "looked like the type of guy to do something wrong," and get a ticket. He got in trouble a lot just because of the color of his skin, and it wasn't right. So he was taken to Pennsylvania. We still talked on the phone everyday, played games together like I-Spy, etc. As I got older I became more and more depressed. It was hard not having him around, and even harder not being able to talk about it with anyone. Nobody understood me, or why I was so cold, but I had my reasons. Eventually, my mom began dating a man. I'm not going to say his name, but let's call him Michael. Michael had a son two years older than me, at first we weren't very close, but we hung out all the time, generally because of our parents' relationship. As we got older, we got very close. We both shared a love for music as well. I had a karaoke game that we played on my X-Box, and we would sing together everyday. We typically sang "Counting Stars." It was our thing. We moved out of the house about a year later, and didn't really talk much, but I tried to spend as much time with him as possible. We would explore the woods together, I would teach him gymnastics, we would go through secret tunnels, pretend to have magical powers, run throught the trees, climb them, swing from the branches, sing together, and even do workouts together. We were so close, but so distant. Despite all our fun adventures, he grew tired of me, and spent most of his time on his X-Box locked away in his room all day. He would let me lay on his bed and watch from time to time, but he didn't seem interested in hanging out with me anymore. He still made time for me, but even that was only on very rare occasions. One day, I was just getting home from school- and I always stayed at my grandparents house after school while my mom was at work, so that's where I went. Jayden, (my stepbrother), was already home, and mom was on her way to get me, but stopped by the house to pick something up. She stayed there with Michael for a bit. Grandma later got a call from mom. After she hung up, grandma was running around yelling, "HE BEAT HER, HE HIT HER, SHE'S WALKING HOME RIGHT NOW." I was obviously terrified. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew it had something to do with my mom getting hurt. Later on, mom got home. Her wig was slightly ripped, and her expression was frantic. Mom had cancer when she was younger, and her hair was still growing back at the time, so she wore a wig to make her look more approachable. Although she looked gorgeous without it as well. Anyways, mom had called the cops, and I was confused and scared when they showed up. I eavesdropped on the conversation between my mom and the officers when they got here, just to get an idea of what was going on. Michael had gotten angry at mom because she wouldn't give him her phone. She told him that she didn't go looking through his texts and personal messages, so he had no right to look through hers. This angered Michael, and he attacked my mother. She had to stuff her phone in her pants to hide it from him, and he punched and shoved her. They were rolling around, and mom tried her hardest not to hit him, only for my sake. He was hurting her, so she was screaming for Jayden from the other room. He didn't reply, or help her, because he was in his room on his X-Box. My mother had to kick Michael off of her for her own safety and run out of the house, which is when she began to walk home. That's all I know of the situation since I wasn't there. Michael and mom broke up, but Michael was not able to be arrested because he had small scratch marks. If mom had him sent to jail, she would've had to go too. Later on that year, I found out that Jeremy wasn't my biological father, but it was instead a man named Alfred Rivera. He left before I was born and went into hiding, because he hit my mother while she was pregnant with me. At the time, neither of them knew she was pregnant, but mom had a feeling. Alfred kicked my mom down the stairs in an attempt to hurt her, but failed. Which is good, because if she had gotten hurt, we both would have died. That is no joke. When she became pregnant with me, I somehow cured her of her cancer, and when I was born, the cancer was completely gone and her hair began to gradually grow back. If I were to die in her stomach, she would've had cancer still, and most likely would have died as well..Alfred never made any effort to come into contact with me after I was born. Until I found out about him at least. I was hurt that my family had lied to me, but happy I had found out about Alfred. I got his number, and talked to him for a year. Alfred promised me a trip to NY to meet him and my half brother Jordan, who I had never met. Alfred didn't go through with it, and felt horrible for letting me down again, like he did when I was younger. I spent my whole life not knowing he existed, and that was his own fault, and he knew that. So when he didn't fulfill his end of the deal to meet me, he ghosted me. June 30, 2019, was the last time he talked to me. It's been 10 months now since he's talked to me. I talk to my mom about him a lot, and I'm realizing how bad of a person he was and is, and how horrible of a father he has been to me, and his 3 other kids, that he also left behind. He hit their mothers, just like he did mine, and is now ghosting me, rarely talking to my half brother Jordan, (still don't know him), he has no idea where my older half brother Aiden/Ayden is, (don't know him either), and is now dating a new girl with my half sister Hailey who I think is 6, in NY, and she could not be raised by anyone more immature than Alfred and her mother. I'm trying my hardest to move on. I have a nickname, Harmony Vic, in which everyone calls me. I'm in a TAG program, along with only 3% of the world, (Talented And Gifted students), compete in many TAG competitions, such as essay contests, and other educational competitions, I live with my mother, uncle, and grandparents, along with two snowy white siberian huskies, and a gorgeous Iguana. I write songs, poems, record demos, rap, create beats, and sing for people whenever possible. My best friends are Alena, Nyx, and Kaylyn, favorite food is pizza, my number one hobby is singing, and that's the story of my life!


  • It was nice to know you more.

    Apr 29, 2020

  • Harmony, wonderful to know you 💜 Thank you for sharing your life journey with us and for allowing us to get a glimpse of your life. I'm sorry you and your mom had to go through all that you both went through. How is your mom now? As for you, i can tell fron the way you write that you are indeed a strong and special young lady. Stay strong and keep on writing 💜

    Apr 29, 2020

  • Apr 30, 2020

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