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Sub Category : Science Fiction
I'm awakened by an angel. As I come to I'm in a pod of some kind with wires hooked to suctions that attach to various parts of my body. I freak out because I can't breath and start tearing at the wires I'm hooked up to. I can't escape and that is when the angel let's me out of the pod. I climb out and amazed at what I see. There are millions of other pods with people in them. I could see my son Micheal asleep in one and so on. The angel grabs my attention and tells me to follow him. We walk along a thin walkway in which when I looked down saw nothing but blackness and above I saw lights from afar. I come to a shoot in which the angel led me to, and I climb up it. It leads to a ship and I'm led to explore this ship. I come to a room with a chair in it that has metal covering a glass window. I climb in the chair and study my surroundings. I see this weird design that looks as if a hand would go on it to do something, so I spread my fingers out to match the design and behold the metal on the glass starts to lift. I see the galaxy, it's so amazing and beautiful at the same time. Suddenly I hear someone coming down the hall, I get scared and try to find a place to hide, but it's too late the grey alien saw me. It went off to gather other's and they chased me around the ship until the cornered me and just before I went out from them shocking me, I heard one say "We need to watch this one she's strong willed." When I awoke again I was back in my bed. Asking myself was that real or was it just a dream. I feel I am still up in that ship and this world I'm in is just a matrix created by aliens and we are they're subject of study. If they wanted to end us, all they'd have to do is shut the project down with one switch and if they wanted recreate us all again.


  • Apr 29, 2020

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