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I'm driving to Lake County, and my music is blasting loudly as I drive. Suddenly, my youngest son gets on my energy. I can feel his pain, I can hear him screaming for me to save him cause someone is beating him up. I yell "There's nothing I can do son, please get off my energy, you brought this on yourself." He refuses to leave me alone, so I find a spot to pull over so I could calm down. After a couple hits of my weed to calm me down, I'm suddenly up in the clouds with my guardian angels watching a scene below. I see two guys on both sides of my son holding him by the arms, as another guy punches on him. I also see a blonde girl with short hair looking out for those who was hurting my son. I pray for someone to help him and that is when I see a guy walking out of the woods towards the group. They all drop my son kick him a couple of times then run off. My son looks up to the clouds and says "Thank you mom" then out he went and I popped back into my body and carried on with my plans. When I got back home from vacation, I was told my son had gotten beaten to death which drove me insane cause I knew he was alive based off my visions of him getting hurt and found out while in jail I wasn't crazy after all he does live.


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    Apr 29, 2020

  • Apr 29, 2020

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