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It has been more than 74years that India got independence. Now I want to raise a simple question to all the Indians out there. Is India at all independent ?
Swami vivekanand said "can you better the condition of your women? Then there will be a hope for your well being. Otherwise u will remain as backward as you are now. "

He was absolutely right. India will remain a developing country unless it starts paying respect to women. India is a patriarchal country with a patriarchal society since ages. But who is responsible for this? Men?, no. Both men and women. You know how? 

Okay let me make it clear. Have you ever wondered who turns a boy into a man? His mother right? It is the duty of a mother to raise him right, teach him the difference between right and wrong. And what most of the mothers did? They used phrases like... "Don't cry like a girl, be a man. " Meaning, it is the girls who needs to compromise and cry, not men. Also, "wear bangles in your hand and sit. " Meaning, bangles worn by girls is a symbol of weakness. And in case of girls? "Sit properly, girls don't sit like that".

In India if a girl is assaulted, it becomes a huge issue not for the victim, but for the girl. She has to hide her identity, her name, her face, and she is the one who has to suffer for her whole life. Facing the society. And becoming a topic of discussion. The society knows very well that there is no fault of the girl in it but it makes sure to create so. Society does not even let her live. 

India today actually needs a social change rather than a political one. 

India is herself a female , our mother. And I can hear her crying for help. Yes, she wants us to help her daughters. This will be World War 3.This war will not be fought with guns or swords. This war will be fought by us the young generation by bringing a social revolution. A change in the mindset of the people, changing their way of thinking. And during this war, there will be no protest through social media, but in real life with real grief and anger. Vivekanand also said.. "If u do not allow one to become a lion, he will become a fox, women are power only now it is more for evil has man oppresses woman, she is the fox. But when she is not longer oppressed, she will become a lion. 

The so called Indian society who gives all the social privileges to men and all the norms to women has no idea about the power of women.The only reason why women are still getting oppressed is that... They are and will be mothers. And mothers carry too much of care, compassion, and love. They get oppressed and do not fight back, that is their compassion and not weakness. The day when women will get United, and stand together against the oppressors, India will get to know the real power of women. 

Now let's answer the question I asked in the beginning. No. India is still not independent. India will become independent when Priyanka Reddy's father will learn to smile again. When Asifa's mother will she'd tears of happiness. When little Angel's parents will be brave enough to face the society. When Nirbhaya's mother will stand erect, face the society and say aloud that "my daughter's name is Jyoti Singh and not Nirbhaya" That day India will be truly independent. 


  • Great!!!!!! 🇮🇳 Everyone should read this. Mind boggling👍

    Apr 29, 2020

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