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Y/n pov
Omg where am i?! Why my head hurts so much? Why my body hurts too? "Y/n you finally wake up!" Shouted someone."Umm sorry but who are you?" What? Im your brother Chenle!" He shouted again.Then the doctor came in."Oh you r awake miss Hwang.You are okay right now but you have to take a rest." Said the doctor."Umm doctor sorry but who am i? And why is my body hurts?"i ask."Omg you must have a something like dont remember anything eh what it is called?"ask the doctor.Chenle shook his head."Btw  you can go home today" said the doctor.
"um so you are my brother?"i ask. He then nodded."Sorry for not knowing you" i said.We went inside and saw a woman sat down at the sofa watching TV."Mom im home!" He shouted."Ok " she said."Mom...i bring her back home"He said.She nodded.Then we headed to my room.So this is my room?Its black and somehow it only has a bad poster."Ok so.."He told me my old life.My crush too."Oppa wait...You said a guy with a black hair and cute face?Is he my crush? I thought he was the ambulance guy ..becuz he brought me into the ambulance...Its the only thing I remembered "I said."Oh what is my name tho"i ask."Hwang Y/n" he said .Then he let me change my clothes and then i slept.(Time skips) I woke up and wash my face. And wear that------->
I went to the kitchen and take a piece of bread."Y/n lets go " i nodded and we head to school."Y/n-ah! I miss chuu" said Renjun in Chinese."I miss you too btw you are Renjun right?" I said in Chinese."Chenle what happened to her ?"Jaemin ask."Amnesia"Chenle said.We then headed to our class.The bell rang and its time to eat.I went with Chenle to our seat after taking the food."Umm Hey guys may i seat here?" Ask Someone."Sure seat besides her" said chenle."Uh hi so im Minho.The one who bring her to hospital "Said Minho."Ahh so you are the ambulance g-"I said but Chenle stop my mouth with a spoonful of rice."Im sorry she has amnesia "Said chenle.Minho then said"Umm Chenle can i talk to her alone?"Chenle nodded. Minho bring me to the rooftop and start talking."So y/n you might not remember me but i am your crush and Before you start fainting we talked about so many things and my dad aka principle call you to his room and almost kill you.Then i saw you running toward the cage with your body covering in blood and you fall.After that you said something but I couldn't remember "He said." Uhh i dont even know what i said or what am i"i said back.(Time skips)
"Y/n!!" Someone yelled."Huh"I turned around and saw Minho."Ha..So can i have your number? In case something happened "he said.I gave him my number and head home.


  • I totally agree that school bully should stop.

    Apr 29, 2020

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