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(The episode opens with a girl who has black hair, brown skin, wearing a green dress and green heels. Her name is kanisha. Kanisha is playing Sonic on her Nintendo DS, while Mr. Ake: a man who has long black hair, white skin, wearing a brown suit and black shoes is holding a stick pointing to a chalkboard)

(The screen switches in space, where a teenage girl who has green skin, green wolf-like ears , wearing a mechanic armor/dress in a spaceship that looks like a pyramid being blasted by a girl who has black helmet that has horns on the side and a circle in the middle, has long brown hair, violet skin, a black dress in a spaceship that shaped like a black dragon. The first girl is Aaliyah and the second girl is Empress Lina)

Aaliyah (avoiding the laser) : Give up, empress lina, you're never going to get rid of me.

Empress Lina: That's what you think (flies to Earth)

(Aaliyah flying after Empress Lina, hits a red button, which gives off a green aura that captures Empress Lina)

Empress Lina (with a smile, as she hits a button): It's too late, now earth is reviewing a little present.

(The red button sends the RA bomb: an bomb in the shape of a meteor with the sign of a red star)

Aaliyah: Nooo! (looks at Empress Lina) Do you realize that weapon can put anybody on that planet in danger?

Empress Lina (with a playfully devious smile): (shrugs her shoulder) Oops!  I guess you'll have to save all of those people (laughs happily)

Aaliyah: (with anger in her eyes) You got me this time (heads to Earth) but next time I'll be ready.

(Kanisha is still playing her game with a serious look on her face, when a girl who has long blue hair, wearing a white dress with red lines, and red heels opens the window)

(Kanisha looks at the window, her eyes widened as the RA bomb crashes through the window, then Aaliyah comes after the bomb and they hit the wall)

(All the students looked amazed and looked at Aaliyah. Then, surround Aaliyah, some started to take pictures, other just look shocked, and the students are talking to each other with phones in their hands)

(The screen shows a person passes through the crowd, and holds out a hand to Aaliyah)

A person (the camera shows the person blurry, Aaliyah is looking at): Are you okay?

Aaliyah (while her adjusting her vision): Yeah, I'm Okay (with clear vision) You're human.

Kanisha: I am, and you're an alien.

Aaliyah (gets up): Yes (wipes dust off her)

Kanisha: Good that was some fall.

(The screen shows the RA bomb blinking red, and Aaliyah pushes Kanisha out of the way, and the other students ran, some were already behind their desk and some already out of the classroom)

"Stand back, this thing is going to go off", said Aaliyah.

Kanisha (thought) (looking at Aaliyah): She looks like a warrior.

(Aaliyah blasts the bomb with her laser)

Aaliyah (looking at the students with a serious face): I'm aaliyah alien warrior protector of space, don't worry the bomb has been destroyed 

Kanisha (not seen by the camera): That's great, do you have more weapons?

Aaliyah: Plenty, for any situation, What's the matter (then sees the bomb undamaged, purple goo surrounding it, the bomb forms into a robot and the goo disappears. The robot looks like a dog with tentacles)

(Kanisha shakes her legs and backs up to the wall)

Aaliyah (not surprised): Oh, it must've upgraded itself.

(The giant robot throws it tentacles at Aaliyah, Aaliyah dodges it with gymnastics)

Aaliyah (looks at Kanisha, shocked): 

Kid watch out!

(The robot spits on Kanisha, Kanisha is covered in purple goop)

Aaliyah (worried): Are you okay?

Kanisha: Eww! What is this goop?

Aaliyah: Goop (smells the goop)  Oh no, girl that's poison.

(Kanisha grows a python snake tail long as a hose, her ears turn into bat ears, and her teeth turn into fangs)

Kanisha (surprised) (looking at her hands): I'm okay (gets up) Actually I feel better.

Aaliyah (shocked): Amazing, but how?

Kanisha (walks up to the giant robot): hey, giant, let's see if I can deactivate, you.

(The robot throws it's tentacles at Kanisha, she dodges it, Aaliyah blasts the monster, while the monster is distracted Kanisha turns her snake into a cannon with her flying in the air and fires a bunch of buzz saws, cutting off all the tentacles and the creature screams in pain and falls on the floor; the creature spits out the goo)

Aaliyah: (looking  at the robot) Impressive (looks at Kanisha) um what's your name?

Kanisha (wears sunglasses): names, kanisha.

(The RA bomb reattaches itself split into 8 different versions of itself)

(Kanisha's bat ears twitch, turn around and sees the bombs rolls out the door)

Kanisha: We have to go after them.

Aaliyah: Wait, I need to put on a disguise.

(The screen shows Aaliyah on a purple hat and cape, while kanisha turns into a lion)

(The bomb flies into the air about to attack Mr. Brown: a tall man who has short brown hair, wearing a white shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. Kanisha throws more magnets in mid-air and destroys the bomb)

Mr. Brown: Thanks kanisha, ah! What were those things?

Aaliyah: Dangerous creatures 

Kanisha (taps Aaliyah): That's great, but how did I shapeshift?

Aaliyah: That explosion must've given you powers.

Kanisha (looks at her hand): Cool! (Her ears twitch) I hear more bombs.

(The bombs surround a bunch of students, Kanisha hits them with laser eyes)

the students (looking at Kanisha): Whoa!

Kanisha: I have laser eyes too.

Aaliyah: Impressive.

(The screen shows Kanisha and Aaliyah seeing a girl who has brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a violet shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. Her name is Keri. Keri getting a notebook from her locker)

Keri (waves hi): Kanisha, you have powers. Cool and you met an alien.

Aaliyah: Do all you kids know about aliens?

Keri: (looks calm) No, we just watch a lot of sci fi movies. (Looks at Kanisha) Can I help you fight those things?

Kanisha: Of course (with red eyes) but I feel that somebody is in trouble.

(Tiesha is a girl who has black hair, brown skin, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes 

Tiesha(while cowering on the corner).: Excuse me, kanisha umm could you help me?

Kanisha (helps Tiesha up): Sure, I'll help you.

(Kanisha turns her tail into a spike bomb and destroys the bomb)

Keri (points to the hallway): one of them rolled in Mrs. Weakley's room.

Kanisha (as a lion): Let's go, ride on my back.

(The screen shows Kanisha as a lion running through the hallway, and enters Mrs. Weakley's classroom)

Keri (looking at the bombs surrounding the teenagers, and pre-teens, while on Kanisha): oh no, they're trapped.

(Kanisha run as lion, then turns into a person while in mid air and spits acid, the acid destroys seven bombs)

Kanisha: Yes, 7 bombs with one hit.

Keri: (looks at Kanisha) Good job (Looking at the ground) Why is ground shaking?

Kanisha: I sense something bad

(Kanisha sees Empress Lina in a vision, gets dizzy and falls into Aaliyah's arm)

Aaliyah (holding Kanisha): Are you ok?

Kanisha: Yeah, but I have bad news, Empress Lina

Aaliyah (surprised): What? Are you sure?

(Kanisha nodded)

(Keri points to the sky, then a fireball comes through the window)

(Kanisha breaths ice and freezes the fireball)

(The fireball was revealed to be Empress Lina is frozen)

Kanisha: Seems I froze her

Aaliyah: That was too easy.

(A sound of metal)

(The screen shows Kanisha has a spear through her)

Keri and Aaliyah: Kanisha!

(Kanisha spits out blood, Empress Lina takes the spear out of Kanisha's body, Kanisha fell to the ground)

(Aaliyah jumps mid-air with two swords about to strike on Empress Lina, Empress Lina has green glowing hands and Aaliyah hits Keri, who's by the window and falls out of the window. Aaliyah runs toward the window, but Empress Lina sticks her to the wall)

Kanisha (looks at Empress Lina) (with blood coming from her mouth): Why would you let her hit my friend? She could be dead.

Empress Lina (touching Kanisha's chin): My dear, she's already dead. But why does that matter? You're dying as well.

Empress Lina (showing half her back): Earthlings are such foolish people.

(Kanisha grabs Empress Lina's leg and knocks her down)

Empress Lina (gets back up, throws Kanisha against the wall): You are about to die, yet you want to be courageous (close to Kanisha, who's against the wall) Let me fix that

(Empress Lina attacks Kanisha with a spear seven times)

(The screen shows Kanisha scratched up, her clothes are ripped, her face, and arms have red lines)

Aaliyah: Stop torturing her.

(A blast hits Empress Lina and makes her land in the hallway. Empress Lina sees Tiesha holding Kanisha's tail which is a bazooka. Tiesha is wearing glasses and has a smirk on her face)

Empress Lina: Another Earthling, and not just a regular earthling that one was crawling.

Tiesha (pushes her glasses): You remember that embarrassing moment.

(Empress Lina with a spear comes to Tiesha, and tries to strike her, but Tiesha gymnastic skills help her dodge the spear and she knocks Empress Lina down)

Empress Lina (running with a spear): I will not be defeated by a mere earthling.

(Tiesha grabs Aaliyah's two swords and attacks Empress Lina who is using her spear, Tiesha and Empress Lina seem not to show any weakness)

(The screen shows Aaliyah freeing herself since Empress Lina is distracted and see Kanisha on the ground with her eyes closed)

Aaliyah (cries): I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen.

Tiesha (still fighting): She's not dead yet.

Aaliyah (stops crying): Wait, what? (Feels Kanisha's pulse) She's right.

(Aaliyah checks her mini computer that is in the shape of a flower, she scans Kanisha and see a snake, many animals and powers)

Aaliyah: She has an infinite amount of powers and one of them is (intrigued) oh!

(Aaliyah stabs Kanisha with a needle in her arm)

(The screen shows Tiesha knocks Empress Lina's spear out of her hand, Empress Lina gets out a laser and melts Aaliyah's two swords, leaving Tiesha defenseless)

Empress Lina: Not so powerful

(Tiesha smiles)

Empress Lina: Why are you smiling?

Tiesha: You haven't noticed what just happened. (Shrugs her shoulder) typical.

Empress Lina (confused): What?

(The screen shows Kanisha hit in mid-air, then turn into a lion and strikes Empress Lina in scratches, seeming weaker, and breathing hard on the floor)

(Kanisha smiles)

(Aaliyah uses a weapon that looks like a blaster that sucks Empress Lina into it)

Kanisha: Thanks for saving me.

Aaliyah: But, I nearly got you killed.

Tiesha: It's more of your enemy's fault.

Kanisha: Besides I lived along with the other students, that reminds me. Did we destroy all the robots 

Aaliyah (looking at her mini computer): Yup, seems they were only experimental, so only seven were made.

Kanisha: Hmmm...I thought space would have more advanced technology.

Aaliyah: We do, but not fully developed. Also, could you show me those sci fi movies you talked about?

Tiesha: Sure, but we should get Keri

Kanisha (looks at the window): She's gone!

Tiesha: I didn't hear any ambulance 

A voice: They didn't come, we did

(A person is revealed to have long pink hair, wearing a black suit and black shoes. Her name is Lola)

(Kanisha's jaw dropped, she rises it, runs to Lola and hugs her)

Lola: Good to see you too.

Kanisha: I can't believe you're real.

Tiesha: Lola the super spy, your imaginary friend.

Aaliyah (curious): What's that?

Tiesha (annoyed): You really need to learn about Earth.

Kanisha (upset): It's too bad, you have to leave Earth.

Aaliyah (looking at her mini computer): Actually my boss says I should keep an eye on you, since your power could be unstable, also they like watching us together.

Tiesha: They can see us. (Shivers her shoulder) Creepy.

Aaliyah: I agree.

Kanisha: So, you are staying here, great. You can stay at my tree house.

Aaliyah (confused): Treehouse?

Tiesha: That's it, I'm teaching you, when we get to Kaima's home.

Kanisha: Yeah (pulling on Lola's arm) Lola, is the thing where it is supposed to be?

Lola: Yes, it is.

Kanisha: Great, let's go (pulls Lola and exit out of the classroom)

(Outside of the classroom there is a bunch of students and teachers surrounded by the door, which surprised Kanisha, Tiesha, and Aaliyah. The crowd applaud, some of them cheering Kanisha and Tiesha's name, they even say alien)

Kanisha: Seems we're popular.

Tiesha: That's not it.

(Tiesha shows Kanisha on her phone, a YouTube video that shows Kanisha and Aaliyah destroying robots, and another video under it is Tiesha and Empress Lina fighting)

Aaliyah: They recorded us.

Kanisha: Cool! Look at those views

Tiesha: People seem to think it's part of a movie.

Kanisha: I understand, yet look what people are saying about me. They think I'm cute and awesome.

Tiesha: (hits Kanisha on the head) Don't let it get to your head.

Kanisha: I won't (laughs)

Aaliyah: So, are we leaving?

Tiesha: Right, let's go 

(The episode ends with Tiesha, Aaliyah, and Kanisha walking out of the school door)


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    Kanisha The Yaoi Lover


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