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Hwang Y/n or known by its popular name 'The Bully' went to school using a skateboard one day.She arrived before the bell ring and went to her locker.She put her Book on the locker and start to meet Her team.She is the leader and Mark is her assistant.Y/n also is from China not Korea 

Y/n pov

"Yo guys im here"i said."Boss We have a new target today"Said mark."He is The new boy at our school.I asked him which class he belongs to and he said its the same as me and you"Said Renjun.After that we planned something to make the 'kid' scared of us.The bell rang and They headed to class.Only me and Chenle is there."So there is my crush,He is Lee minho" i said to my brother,Chenle.He nodded and make me head to class."Miss y/n you are late"Yelled the teacher."Somehow you are late too miss Hwang"I said in my heart.Yea she is my mother.So i sat at my place and there is a guy beside me."Miss why is this fcking boy here!?" I yelled.Everyone was shocked That i yelled to the teacher.Even RENJUN."MISS Y/N TO THE PRINCIPAL NOW"She yelled back.So i get my bag and went outside."Umm guys wait here"Said the teacher."Follow me Y/n".So we went to the principal room."What is it Miss Hwang"The principal said."This kid is Yelling at me in the class"She said."Ok so I will punish her later.Put her in the Cage for now"He said.I am not shocked because its not my first time in the cage.She locked me at the Cage room.After 10 minutes A guy went in the cage."So let me guess yelled at your mom again?"Said the guy."Who are you?"I ask still not turning  around."Well i am your 'crush' " he said. "how can I believe you""Just turn around then" so i turned and its really him .Omg. LEE FCKING MINHO.i am shookth ."Well i am here becuz i did the same as you"."Umm You know if we r here we need to have a punishment right?"i ask."Actually the principle is my dad so i dont need to have the punishment "he said. "Miss Hwang Y/n to the principle room now" Said the teacher."Dont worry the bell will rang in 30 minutes more"Minho said.So i went to the room and The principal hurt me more than he ever did."S...Sir why are you holding a knive?"He didnt reply.He put the knive at my neck and start to hurt me.15 minutes have pass. Finally i get out of the room.Blood is covering me .I went back to the cage .Minho catch me from falling down and help me sit.Then I faint...


  • Apr 30, 2020

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