Her First Love.. Read Count : 26

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So,  i gonna start it now..
There is a girl..who get her love when she was in the 9th standard... Her first love..
That girl name is Sakshi...and the boy name is Anirudh..
They became friends on social networking site...
They used to talk a lot..
Suddenly one day Anirudh proposed her...nd coincidentally Sakshi was also started feeling something for him... So she said yes..
Then, they both got committed..
They used to talk a lot..
They were not able to meet because Sakshi's family was so strict..so possessive for her at that time..
But they used to talk a lot..
They share each and everything.. They never try to hide anything from anyone.. 
Even they told about their relationship to their friends also..
They both are from different school but still they known by each other's name..(cute relationship things)..
One day a sudden text came to Sakshi... 
That text was..
Hey Sakshi.. I know you are loyal to me after all i am your first boyfriend... So if you really love me... Than please leave me alone...i really don't want any kind of relation from you.. 
So, Don't you dare call or message me again ever in you life..

So, afterall Sakshi's love was true..so just because of Anirudh's happiness she tried to move on... But decided that she never gonna trust any guy from today onwards..

But after few days.. 
They again met on facebook.. Sakshi request Anirudh to become his friend..
So they both became a truest friend once again..
Everything was good and fine..
She start sharing each and every thing with him again...she used to teased him,  support him..everything was fine...

But suddenly one day the call came from an unknown no.
That no.was of Anirudh's friend...
He said..hey Sakshi..sorry to inform you that.. 
Anirudh met with an accident so he is no more now..
Sakshi didnt believed that..
But one by one each and every mutual friend of them... Call her text her...
That..Sakshi..Anirudh is no more now..

She had been broken at that time..
She just thought that without him she is nothing she decided to commit suicide..
But her friends stopped her..

She try to move on.. 
She made lots of friends ..
She got committed many times..
But as always she has been cheated by everyone..

She is still broken like earlier..
She is still not able to move on..

Because her first love was true..and will be forever...😊


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  • Apr 29, 2020

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