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see the way you're looking at me in the mirror,
Although I know it's just an illusion.
  The same reflection reminds me of us,
Sitting in front of each other and talking a lot.  

I touch the image, 
Wanting to touch your face again,
But behind the mirror 
There is only an empty wall. 

I know you more 
From a dream than from reality,
I outlined you from my illusions
With the colors of yesterday.

  I've already written the whole conversation, 
I'm going to ask you: 
Darling, why you left me so thirsty
To fall in love with you again?  

If I knew you from another galaxy, 
What measure did the time have there?
  I was always late when I had to meet
Someone special in my life.  

I'm the man who got tired of walking 
Through the nails,
Dragging his heart behind him.
Over and over again.  

Wanting to break the mirror, 
I already know that nothing is waiting for me anymore.
But something does not leave me free.  
Maybe it is the illusion that tomorrow 
I can meet you again.


  • Apr 29, 2020

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