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If we could find out from the beginning
 That we would be hurt by the people 
We want to love, 
How many of us would still fall in love? 

 If we could know from the beginning 
That after we give the second chance,
 We will see that nothing has changed,
 How many of us would be willing to forgive them? 

 The heart is a dart board, and wounds appear 
When those who hit the target directly
 Are the closest ones.  

If we could discover from the beginning
 The people who tend to lie, 
How many of us
 Would still believe their words?

  If we knew from the beginning
 That the relationship would fail because of our fail,
 How many of us would try to change 
Something in the behavior?  

If we could know from the beginning, 
Many things could change for us.
Maybe we would walk carefully
Through each other's hearts.


  • Apr 29, 2020

  • Apr 29, 2020

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