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In continuation of my last piece appreciated by many, i wish to succinctly and briefly bring to a close this all important topic, Singleness is not a Disease. Against conventional believe, to be single is the best phase of life anyone could ever desire. Why? Purpose and dreams thrives more in the lives of the singles. You stay focus and have all the time in the world to accomplish your dreams, vision and purpose. 

Going further, The essence of life is not marriage but purpose. You don't live to get married, you live for a purpose. This is why the need of the first man, Adam was not a wife but a garden. Similarly, your greatest need is not a wife or a husband, it is to discover why you are placed where you are and what you must do par time. Our society has designed marriage as the hallmark of fulfillment and success. Some believe you are sick being unmarried. In fact, the married in our days are the most lonely, sick and depressed. Most dreams and great vision die on the alter of marriage. Increased rate of divorce in our days proves the latter.

May I reemphasize that I am not against marriage but everyone ought to have good reasons enough to qualify for marriage at any point in life not for societal pressure, age and resources. We are not meant for marriages rather marriage is made for us. It is not a requirement but a choice. There is no single record in the Holy Book that commands "Thou must marry" amidst the beauty and relevance of marriage.

Finally, I wish to encourage singles to do the needful on purpose and not on conventional beliefs and practices. Get into marriage when you can, that is if your purpose and reasons pass for marriage. Sex, procreation, companionship, loneliness, resources and more alike should not be your drive and crave for marriage. Find out thoroughly why you should be married so you can stay therein happily.


  • thank you for the reminder i have shared your words to my man i hope he understands me

    Apr 29, 2020

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