100% Truth.. Or Dare Not. Read Count : 12

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Logical possibilities surrounding the plot,
Have shot above and beyond human scope.

Without a doubt your techno makes best..
While our claim to fame is made of Lego's.

Superterrestrials as opposed to being extra
Considering people are more or less pets.

I get the suspicious inclination you were 1st
And simply allow humans to feel superb.

As a person treats their German Shepherd.
Useful and cooperative structured dicipline.



I have made observations that support aim
Accompanied by GB's of supportive data.

My hypothesis is rather extraordinary yet..
Exciting and rather intriguing my curiousity.

I'm not far off the mark.
Not by far.

I'm close.
You're closer.

What's the next move?
Why me?

Whom are..



  • Apr 29, 2020

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